Mr Quick’s anonymous attack on Kennett

Mr Quick’s anonymous attack on Kennett

Ian Quick is so desperate to stop Jeff Kennett from becoming Victorian Liberal Party president, that he is now leaking anonymously to a left wing Melbourne newspaper which most Party members don’t read. This is sheer desperation, as Mr Quick knows he is slowly moving out of favour with Party members.

Bad mouthing Victoria’s finest living Liberal is going to come back and bite Mr Quick. Yet he hypocritically has announced to members through his image-free facebook account that his opponents regularly leak to the media against him. A diligent word search on Melbourne’s biggest media outlets hardly finds any references to Ian Quick, but there’s a lot of good information out there about Jeff Kennett.

Perhaps Mr Quick envies Mr Kennett’s intelligence, success and popularity.

Mr Quick is a hypocrite if he ever accuses anyone of anonymity. Oh yes, that’s right, that’s exactly what Mr Quick has been saying about others.

Readers can use the contact page on this site to pass on any information regarding conversations between Mr Quick and journalist James Campbell.

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