Nasa Ige

Nasa Ige

Nasa Ige, a Somalian from Western Australia, has been fêted and flattered by factional Liberal Party powerbrokers to bring African branch-stacks into the party.

Mr Ige, who thinks he is a bit of a mover and shaker, has been used by Frank Greenstein as part of a secretive factional plan to bolster Liberal Party numbers for Ian Quick’s faction. Mr Ige’s politically naive friends are being told to back Robert Clark.

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Mr Ige claims to be president of an unregistered organisation known as the Australian African Association, with an equally questionable address in a hotel room in Collins St. No records can be found with ASIC for this organisation, and a few similar sounding organisations in other States have been deregistered or removed by ASIC. Inside information is that the organisation is the brainchild of none other than Frank Greenstein. According to insider sources the whole thing is a front.

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The Australian African Association website is allegedly published by totalprintsolutions, which itself has no genuine website, nor any real world existence. Liberal Party insiders point to the fake companies used by fraudster former State Director Damien Mantach and this fake printing company. According to information given to party members by Damien Mantach, there is a considerable connection between the two. A second connection has also been formed linking Damien Mantach and financial transactions to Illy’s Cakes, a business run by Frank Greenstein.

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Mr Ige has been a prolific publisher of photos on facebook, but has recently removed some (but not all) of them relating to a branch stacking meeting attended and run by Frank Greenstein, Robert Clark, Mike Horner and Bill Rizopoulos. One removed photo shows Robert Clark holding a form instructing African branch-stacks how to join the Liberal Party. Many of the removed photos show Scott Ryan staffer Mike Horner and erratic branch stacker Bill Rizopoulos sitting together at the meeting.

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Deleted from Mr Ige’s facebook, this infamous photo of a grumpy Robert Clark holding up a sign-up form in front of the audience at a branch stacking meeting.
Numerous similar photos have been deliberately deleted from Mr Ige’s facebook, showing Bill Rizopoulos and Scott Ryan staffer Mike Horner sitting in the branch stacking meeting surrounded by recruits.

Mr Ige’s facebook page is not exclusively controlled by himself, and an insider has revealed that a factional hack is responsible for cleaning up Mr Ige’s online presence. That factional hack is Bill Rizopoulos (as managed by Mike Horner).

An investigation by the Admin Committee uncovered that twenty memberships were paid by Mr Ige and the Australian African Association which is against the Victorian Liberal Party’s rules. Then opposition leader Michael O’Brien was also informed. Robert Clark swung into action and covered up the entire saga. Mr Ige is seen as an important part of the Quick faction, and any real investigation would expose the Greenstein money trail.

Mr Ige is close with Bernie Finn. They even went on TV together.
Mr Ige’s twitter is a barrage of left wing garbage dating from before his fame in the Liberal Party.
Before becoming a b-grade political celebrity, Mr Ige used a cover name for his celebrity facebook page, first called Melbourne Entertainment Team and Aka-Gowz.
Robert Clark supports this
Mr Ige’s personal facebook promotes the lifestyle of an illicit drug pusher.
Mr Ige was treated like a hero on a visit to Somalia. Somalia has well known links to China, and an investigation is underway into Mr Ige’s connections with Somalia and his operations in Australia. Party members are urged to contact Senator James Paterson on this matter to ensure Australia’s security and integrity in politics is maintained.
Robert Clark at Mr Ige’s branch stacking meeting with African women.

Frank Greenstein, owner of Illy’s Cakes, was present at the branch stacking event to ensure his patronage of Mr Ige was of value.

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