Nathan di Noia caught out


Nathan di Noia caught out

Nathan di Noia is an up-and-comer in the Hate Faction.

Nathan, who is active in the West, a foul mouthed Liberal oddball, has recently been caught in the illegal dumping of waste.

In the curious case of illegal dumping, the Western suburbs weirdo was, according to Liberal sources, caught dumping household rubbish in the suburb of Keilor.

The self-proclaimed rising star of the Western suburbs Liberal branches, of which he makes up one of three members, seems to be diminishing.

Nathan says he works for the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) which makes the accusations all the more shocking. Members have questioned why he couldn’t just go to the tip, and are appalled that he would allegedly engage in an illegal activity.

Some party watchers have commented whether he was caught throwing out dirty Finn’s dirty laundry, while others have suggested it was the non-existent AGM returns from the Western Metro Young Liberals meeting.

Nathan is a bit of a chad on social media, running several anonymous accounts attacking both Liberal and ALP members about a range of incongruous policies in a style of writing mixed between Martin Bryant and Charles Manson.

Young Liberals knowledgeable about Nathan’s exploits have described him as a mean-spirited weirdo who spends a great deal of time on social media. Even Bill Rizopoulos has not had much success reining in Nathan.

In his not so lucid moments Nathan has expressed desire to be the next member for the Western Metro Region and has for a while believed that his loyalty to sex pest Bernard Finn would grant him ascendancy in 2054 when Bernie dies in the job. Time will tell but one thing is sure, he will struggle to get preferences from the environmentalist parties like The Greens who are enraged as his actions have threatened the migratory birds in Kororoit by his illegal dumping of rubbish.

Nathan di Noia’s preferences for drug-fuelled gangsta rap do not fit in with the image the Liberal Party wishes to convey to the conservative-minded communities in the Western Metro.

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