Neil Angus the Biden of Victoria

Neil Angus the Biden of Victoria

Family man Neil Angus sits in a perpetual daze in parliament.

The sleepwalking MP is known to have made more gaffs than any other Coalition MP except for stuttering Nationals Leader Peter Walsh.

When Neil was studying to become an accountant at Swinbourne he apparently accidentally stumbled into a Christian students meeting and joined them.

Accountant Neil also seems to have fallen into marriage and by sheer accident found himself attending Waverley Christian Fellowship.

He fumbled his way through preselection and surprisingly ended up being voted into Forest Hill in 2010.

In the words of one observer: “Neil is the kind of bloke that when he was sharing an office with Martin Dixon would ask where his glasses were while he was wearing them. He’d be the last person you would ask which way is up.”

With the rise of factional struggles within the Liberal Party Neil at first was on side with Theana Thompson, though later he was counselled by Karina Okotel to turn against Matthew Guy. He went a long way supporting Michael O’Brien and even attended Bill Rizopoulos’ infamous African branch stacking event.

In recent weeks Neil has been stripped of his shadow portfolios and has been seen wondering aimlessly around the Parliament building or sitting in his underground office staring vacantly at his computer.

Although Neil is one of the most unknown MPs, he has been the source of some chatter after he mistakenly sided against the Victorian Coalition in a crucial vote on the Health Legislation Amendment (Information Sharing) Bill 2021.

It fell to poor Brad Rowswell to sit with Neil and explain to him that he is supposed to vote with the party.

One MP said things had “gone mad”.

One source privy to discussions on the party’s Administration Committee said Robert Clark would be quietly opening preselections for challenges to sitting State members. Usually this is not broadcasted, but members in Ian Quick’s faction have been encouraging Felicity Frederico to challenge James Newbury, Inga Peulich to challenge Tim Smith, Donna Hope to challenge Neale Burgess, Andrew Elsbury to challenge Craig Ondarchie and Josh Morris to challenge Bev McArthur. They want to keep Box Hill open for a return for Robert Clark, Nepean for Russell Joseph and Hawthorn for John Pesutto. They also want Bernie Finn and Neil Angus to stay.

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