New Age Greenie Donalea Patman

New Age Greenie Donalea Patman

Investigations into recent recruits to the Liberal Party have revealed a shocking agenda. Russell Joseph, a member of the Admin Committee has been instructed by Robert Clark and Ian Quick to actively recruit left wing Greenies into the Liberal Party to bolster numbers for the their faction and to support Michael O’Brien. This overt branch stacking is designed to radically alter the political flavour of the Liberal Party by filling its ranks with hardcore Greenies, New Agers and lefties.

A branch has been set up for this purpose, called the “Liberal Party Victorian Division Conservation Branch”. This “Conservation Branch” is not geographically limited, which means its numbers can be added to from across the State. It is designed for stacking.

The Conservation Branch was co-founded by Donalea Patman. They are just the poor wombats with their names on the front. Who is behind it?

If members examine other articles here and here (with information from the Web Warriors facebook group), the connections between these new recruits becomes clear. For example, hard leftie Florence Lindhaus is known to be one of the Green infiltrators into the Liberal Party. Here they are together on facebook commenting on backburning. Although the Liberal Party backs backburning measures, these new members align with The Greens and object to this sensible policy.

These Greenies predictably are into extremist climate activism and label industry and business “right wing rule”. That surely includes the Liberal Party these infiltrators are now members of.

As expected, these Green infiltrators publicly attack the Federal Government’s environmental and economic policies.

These Greens hold to the New Age view that the Covid-19 virus is mother nature or Gaia acting against humanity.

Jan Millard is friends with these rainbow-coloured infiltrators and their Hollywood lefty elite heroes.

Even though Greta is diametrically opposed to what the Liberal Party believes in, the Green infiltrators support Greta and the Liberal Party … or are their loyalties really to their left wing agenda as being used by Frank Greenstein and Georgie Crozier to ensure numbers in the party for their faction?

This Liberal Party member supports … The Greens. They should front State Assembly!

Another attack on the Federal Government and Liberal Party policy.

A very recent strong language attack on Liberal Party policy and the Federal budget.

These New Agers want to sense the sound of lions moving through them, but have no sense about the Liberal Party and its values.

This rabid Green invasion must be stopped! All those responsible for orchestrating this Green left influx must be held to account. How dare they infiltrate the Liberal Party!

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