No. No. No. O’Brien.

No. No. No. O’Brien.

By Libérales sans frontières.

Dear RFN,

After hearing Michael O’Brien’s outburst, please publish this branch member’s response.

Western District grandee and upper house MP Bev McArthur has drawn the scorn of the Victorian Liberal Party’s ailing opposition leader Michael ‘glass jaw’ O’Brien.

In a characteristic twitter storm, McArthur suggested the federal government shouldn’t be in the business of bailing out Dan Andrews and his mates due to their COVID incompetence.

The fairly obvious tweet from old school economically dry McArthur was well written and expressed the views held by multiple thousands of Victorians (and Party members) who are sick of Andrews and his mates being bailed out with public money.

Yet this seemingly benign tweet solicited a volcanic response from the man who is destined to lead the Liberals into an election wipe out next year. Why does Michael O’Brien think that attacking a fellow Liberal for expressing an economically rationalist thought is going to be an election winner with the public?

Mr O’Brien, your attack is inexcusable.

Mr O’Brien, business owners nation wide recognise the damage being done to the country’s economy by politicians who cannot get the management of COVID right.

Why would you attack one of your own Party room members who is putting pressure on Labor’s mismanagement? Isn’t that what opposition is supposed to be about?

Are you so in need of political support, you are going to once again solicit it from our political opponents?

Weak liberals are how the Victorian division became irrelevant. Sidling up to left wing publications, grossly over funded bureaucracies and woke ‘new age’ advocates has never been a recipe for electoral success anywhere in Australia.

Malcolm Turnbull went backwards despite all of the fanfare proclaimed about him by our traditional political opponents. Are you the new Malcolm Turnbull? But at least Malcolm Turnbull was consistent.

What most galls Liberal supporters is the heavy handed public bashing of Bev McArthur compared to the gentle cuddling of boys club member and Western metro windbag Bernard Finn.

When Bernard Finn makes a fool of himself on twitter, facebook and almost every time he rises to his feet in state parliament, you say nothing.

Mr O’Brien, is your leadership of the state Party so endangered that you stay silent on a cretin embarrassing the Party and must lambast a “rebel” MP calling our ideological vacuum out?

The state Liberal Party’s limp wristed response to Labor’s mismanagement of COVID demonstrates a party and a leadership that are unfit to govern Victoria. Insipid, confused and without hope.

Victoria is rapidly turning into the Tasmania of yesteryear.

Mr O’Brien, fighting our own MPs and refusing to go hard after Daniel Andrews has made you the object of unrelenting criticism among the grassroots members and supporters of the Liberal Party.

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