Notes to the Editor


Notes to the Editor

I– writes, “So apparently Bernie Finn posted on social media in relation to the retirement of several State Labor MPs leaving to ‘avoid jail’. Where exactly is this evidence?? And he still wants another four years (in addition to the existing 25 years he has, well, done absolutely NOTHING of substance). Liberal Party members surely would love nothing more than see this moron leave ASAP. What a depraved, filthy, low-life grub he is!!”

“A Concerned Liberal” writes, “We’ll be at State Council flying the flag and telling everyone how concerned we are. Members shouldn’t be shy expressing their concerns about the direction this Party is being taken. If you are concerned, get on the microphone and speak against those motions!”

A– writes, “Thank you for your informative stories and news.  My Branch Members here know exactly what is going on thanks to you.  Today I received an email which lays out a truly shocking plan to rewrite the Party’s Constitution.  What can we do about this?  I find these proposals flabbergasting.”

P– writes, “Rumour has it that not all of the State MPs were at Matthew Guy’s little gathering at Dandenong. Most of us real Liberals were out in the sun in the city making our voices heard and pressing the real message against the Dicktator and his crossbench cronies.”

Some edited quotations from a lengthy but unpublishable work from J–. “The Governor of Victoria can use her powers to stop this.” “Why doesn’t SchloMo do anything about this rogue Premier?” “It’s about time Robert Clark comes clean about why there was an investigation into Karin.” “In my seat Kim Wells is pulling the pin anyway.” “The party is discriminating against vax choice.”

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