O’Brien’s bland presentation

O’Brien’s bland presentation

Opposition Leader Michael O’Brien is such a wimp he would not take questions from party members during a cringeworthy Zoom presentation.

During the long winded Zoom presentation to Victorian Liberal Party members, a visibly faltering Michael O’Brien tried to make a nervous pitch for party support, knowing that his own job is all but over, and that the upcoming State election is a mere 15 months away.

In a gaffe filled session which had viewers bored or even laughing at its woeful blandness and hollow sincerity, a few dozen of the party’s most faithful members were told by a delusional Michael O’Brien that he had hope he would be there in Spring Street after November next year.

The main part of the session was pre-recorded and represented the very worst of O’Brien talking at — and past — the membership.

“My eyes glazed over within three minutes,” one participant said. “I don’t know if they could have made the background any lighter blue, which is very typical of this current regime’s lack of substance.”

O’Brien, who supports lockdowns and is a COVID-alarmist, was content to present Daniel Andrews as a bad manager of lockdowns, implying that he would have done better with “a proper plan and sensible measures to tackle COVID effectively,” he said. Mr O’Brien supports forced vaccinations and vaccination passports.

Besides attacking Daniel Andrews for PR spin and praising Melbourne’s livability ad infinitum, O’Brien mentioned the word “policies” once. He waffled about appealing to “mainstream Victorians” and made oblique references to the political spectrum within the Liberal Party. He was reading the speech from an autocue, which made his references to “mainstream Victorians” cynical. His robotic addition of words like “Footscray” and “Point Cook” were also completely artificial.

Even more bizarre was his prediction that “we will take Victoria back to the top where it belongs”.

One participant, who endured the entire excruciating session, said, “I thought he was talking to four year olds. He said, ‘the flowers are starting to bloom [and] it means that soon it will be spring.’ The party is going against you, mate, it’s already pruning season.”

“The State Director was right to give three hours notice for this painful Zoom session, next time I hope he forgets to email altogether,” another participant said.

Most members are deeply unhappy with O’Brien’s stint as leader. There is a strong mood to see him replaced.

Members were not allowed to question the Zoom call conveners or O’Brien as is typical of the highly factional and controlled atmosphere which is attempting to keep O’Brien in his role.

“If they were trying to save O’Brien, they failed,” said one senior Liberal. “That little session highlighted everything wrong with our dear leader. In a word, bereft.”

There were also comments that O’Brien’s eyes were looking off centre which added to the disconcerting feel of the prerecorded presentation.

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