Oh dear!


Oh dear!

Oh dear! Think the media press conference from exiled Kew MP Tim Smith was bad enough? Think again.

The Victorian Liberal Party poster girl for hauling in the single biggest rort in Victorian Parliament history, Georgie Crozier, aka “Nurse Ratched,” “Battle Axe,” “Dry July,” “Lady Macbeth,” “Vulture,” and other pejoratives, was involved in two horrific car (train wreck?) crash interviews with the ABC.

During the lockdown of 2020, Crozier was interrogated by ABC harpy Virginia Trioli, host of Mornings (8:30-11:00 am), on September 18, about what she would have done differently to the diabolical Andrews Government.

Well, Victorian (and Liberal) listeners got nothing! No substance. Just fluff and waffle with no sauce!

Somehow, she was summoned in recently to The Drive featuring Raf Epstein to provide feedback on the recently tabled report from the Ombudsman into border closures.

Again, nothing of substance. Exception – the mention of female candidate preselection within the Victorian Liberal Party got her excited. Both presenters (and other media outlets) instead perhaps should have asked difficult and probing questions about her direct role in the embezzlement of parliamentary salaries and misappropriation of taxpayer funds in overseeing both the Communications Fund & Diamond Fund.

Additionally, someone should inform the media to shed light on an incident involving Ms Crozier against a fellow Liberal member at Flemington Racecourse all those years ago.

Now, that would most certainly make for riveting listening!

In the meantime, the ungainly Georgie will do a slow flap around, screeching in her electorate office and generally pecking at Matthew Guy.

Her attempt to leak private banter between outgoing member Tim Smith and Bernie Finn was indiscrete. Her comments to the press in relation to Michael O’Brien’s leadership were surprising too.

There is more to come in relation to Georgie Crozier’s bad behaviour following the extraordinary revelations made on Real Freedom News and details exposed in the media.

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