One WHO scientist admits pandemic started in China

One WHO scientist admits pandemic started in China

The World Health Organisation (WHO) team conducting the investigation into the origins of the China virus has deliberately failed to determine where the virus originated.

Peter Ben Embarek, head bureaucrat of the WHO mission, said further studies are required to determine if the virus was imported or if the virus had been spread directly from animals to humans.

He implied the virus was introduced into Wuhan from elsewhere, as there was no evidence showing a SARS-CoV-2 spread in Wuhan prior to December 2019, despite studies saying otherwise.

An Australian scientist appointed to the World Health Organisation (WHO) team investigating the origins of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus has said he believes the contagion in China.

Prof. Dominic Dwyer, a microbiologist from Sydney admitted the truth after returning home from the month-long investigation that there was “very limited” evidence it originated outside China. “There is some evidence, but it’s not really very good,” he said, adding that the virus likely went from bats through an intermediate animal like a pangolin or a cat where it can replicate.

Prof. Dwyer’s story aligns with the original report sent out by the CCP that the virus originated from bats, however Prof. Dwyer was unwilling to admit whether the original “bat virus” had been tampered with or had been worked on or released from the Wuhan Virology Laboratory complex.

China has been spreading misinformation through the WHO organisation leading to the Australian government calling out China’s lies.