Poor turnout, draconian security and hacker attacks are all being witnessed at the Victorian Liberal Party’s 168th State Council.

Liberals calling themselves the “voice of freedom” are urging party members to step up opposing any suspension or change to standing orders.

With a dangerous array of anti-Liberal and anti-democratic organisational and constitutional motions, it is important that members continue to follow the lead from the Federal MPs and oppose the naked factionalism which is ripping apart the Victorian Liberal Party.

Party members are urged to stay in the plenary hall after voting in the ballot room while the battle for the heart and soul of the party plays out, particularly in anticipation of some terrifying motions that are being planned by Ian Quick in the last part of the day.

Massive concerns are being expressed about many of the motions and the spite-filled intents of those who want to make the Liberal Party into the ALP.

Members who are participating in this travesty and debacle have the opportunity to be part of the “voice of freedom”.

Members should remember that the State Director is the servant of the party and not the lackey of some factional boss.

It is imperative that members keep strong and support the Federal MPs.

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