Our endless war

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Our endless war

The Victorian Liberals are heading back to war.

The battle lines drawn, delegates counted.

Hundreds of meetings, hundreds of thousands of hours voting for one ticket or another. 

Will it be Robert Clark? vs. Jeff Kennett? Alan Stockdale? Michael Kroger? Greg Hannan? Helen Kroger? Kevin Andrews? Peter Clarke? Maybe someone else? 

Who knows.

Not the journalists being revved up by each camp.

Not the delegates who will be expected to vote one way or another.

Not the MPs rallying around Michael O’Brien, Matthew Guy or Louise Staley.

What we do know is that our Party is hopelessly divided. 

Members defaming each other.

Members being suspended.

Members leaking against members.

Members leaking against MPs.

MPs leaking against members. 

MPs leaking against MPs. 

I previously supported Robert Clark’s election to Party President, but it is now time for Robert to move on to new challenges.

We need a new president who can unite us.

Someone who can change the conversation from ourselves to Labor.

Someone who can draft the talent we need to compete at the next election.

Someone who can instill Party discipline through respect rather than sanctions. 

Friend of Hawthorn 

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