Paris Room-Batters

Paris Room-Batters

Paris Room-Batters is not a well known figure among grass roots members of the Liberal Party. Yet she and Ed O’Donohue are part of the new generation of lieutenants for Ian Quick’s faction, which is currently being organised by Frank Greenstein and Georgie Crozier.

Paris Room-Batters is as inner metro lefty as they come in Michael O’Brien’s “small L” liberal party. Yet because of Room-hyphen-Batters’ marriage, she is now located in country Victoria. Or so she leads people to believe.

In fact, there has been a long term power play in Victoria’s Upper House between independent-minded David Davis and factional heavy Georgie Crozier. Paris Room-Batters’ feminism and associations with Georgie Crozier came together as a useful counter-measure to David Davis’ general resurgence in the exalted circles of the Parliamentary party room.

Paris Room-Batters, who had progressed to working for Michael O’Brien’s office, was ostensibly sent with Crozier’s backing to work for Louise Staley, a stalwart of the David Davis group. After Matthew Guy stood down and O’Brien fell into the role of his dreams, Louise Staley demanded from O’Brien the coveted role of Shadow Treasurer. O’Brien, who is sure to promote his pro-feminist credentials, readily complied. But in order to keep some measure of control over Staley, Paris Room-Batters conveniently was sent on a mission of her own, to ensure Staley does not stray.

By all accounts Louise Staley is not a pleasant women and could care less for the nuances of factional politics. Staley has found advantageous assistance with Paris Room-Batters working for her. Since that time, Paris Room-Batters has used her position to attempt to exert her factional control in the Bendigo FEC and with the Ripon SEC.

Paris Room-Batters is an overt factional player, openly attacking Michael Kroger, Bev McArthur and other members of the party she is ideologically and factionally opposed to. During the recent AGMs, Room-Batters was active behind the scenes as the controller of her allocated seats attempting to stack or sway meetings in support of Ian Quick, and reporting back to Georgie Crozier and Frank Greenstein.

Members should not be taken in by the young, pretty and allegedly regional-supporting Paris. Paris is a highly intelligent agent close to the ruthless Georgie Crozier as she continues to manoeuvre herself into the dominant position in the Upper House. Paris is a creature of the factions, rabid in her activities and completely serves the centralising and progressive tendencies of the inner metro bureaucracy.

David Davis, Cindy McLeish, Michael O’Brien and Georgie Crozier

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