Payback time


Payback time

Tim Smith, the outgoing Member for Kew, is set to unleash his fury towards his colleagues when Parliament resumes in February.

An article in The Age has mentioned Smith will use parliamentary privilege to unleash on his political enemies, reminiscent of Adem Somyurek unloading on the Victorian Premier over his role undertaking unsubstantiated branch stacking allegations in late 2020.

Only this time, Smith will unleash with ferocity, not just on Liberal enemies but journalists from News Corp (watch out Herald Sun and The Australian when one has the chutzpah to turn the dial on your organisation!)

Well placed sources within the Victorian Liberal Party have confirmed Smith is set to rip into his embattled Upper House colleague, Georgie Crozier.

Smith is set to accuse Crozier of corruption, embezzlement of parliamentary salaries and entitlements from colleagues, misappropriation of taxpayer funds, unauthorized leakage of audio recordings of private internal party meetings, sabotage and historical matters of importance, including a violent altercation with another Liberal member at Flemington Racecourse.

According to a well-placed source, “Tim is absolutely furious with Georgie leaking internal recordings to the media about internal party matters. This is sacrosanct. He was about to blow the lid off her corruption activities involving both the Communications Fund and Diamond Fund. She will absolutely pay!”

Smith is also threatening to unload on journalists from both The Australian and Herald Sun.

“They [journalists] should be worried,” one Liberal MP supporter of Tim Smith revealed. “Dan Andrews and Labor might be self-imploding now. Wait till the media hears what Tim has to say about some of his own colleagues. Trust me, this will not end well.”

Smith is also preparing to rip into David Southwick, Michael O’Brien (whoa!), Matthew Guy and others.

As one party member wryly commented, “Better grab the popcorn out! Those who wanted Tim Smith gone from Kew, are about to get payback. Big time.”

Watch this space.

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