Pease disrespects party


Pease disrespects party

Calls have been made for Phillip Pease to be immediately replaced after party members felt that he disgraced the party with his recent activities. Others have called for the party leadership to reprimand Mr Pease.

At the time of mourning the loss of Queen Elizabeth the Second, a small group of Liberals held a campaign event, where transsexual party members attended supported by hired performers dressed up in drag.

The occasion was a Pride celebration run by Liberals promoting the candidate for Mordialloc Phillip Pease. Party members Zachary Relouw, Peter Angelico, Hamish Jones, Christian Martinu and Charles Pruden were among the two dozen or so members who endorsed, supported or attended this event.

The self-promotion has gone ahead despite party leaders warning candidates to keep quiet during the period of mourning the death of the queen. Candidates were instructed to respect the general mood of reflection and there was to be no overt campaigning.

In an act of absolute defiance, Phillip Pease opted to hold a disrespectful event which many party members have condemned as inappropriate, untimely and out of step with the party.

“Pease has no respect for the leadership and has no political sense,” one senior commentator stated. Another member labelled him a goose and called on Mr Pease to issue an immediate public apology.

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