Pesutto nothing to write home about

Pesutto nothing to write home about

John Pesutto is begging the Liberal Party in Victoria to give him yet another go.

This is a man living in the wrong decade. John would be much more at home with long hair, sandals, a floral garment and shapeless sideburns.

John can be imagined floating down a street in some foreign underdeveloped city, oblivious to the world, under the summer sun.

“I love John,” said one leading Liberal.

“John’s got a big head and a big heart,” said another leading member. “He is electrifying.“

But he better shape up.

He has had a dreamy eyed wander through the faded blue ribbon seat of Hawthorn, and he actually thinks he is going to be Party Leader. (He is still dreaming.)

Party members should consider the actual substance of what this so-called lawyer and hack has to say.

Hear John as he tells his readers in The Age, all 92 of them, that climate change is a really big issue. But, John says, we need to have an economically sound approach. The man can’t make up his mind or is unwilling to commit.

He is like the kid sitting on the side of the pool with his feet in the water, unable to decide whether to be wet or dry.

Talking about kids, it is pretty telling that the little Pesuttos went to a climate change rally instead of school.

Is this really the right man we want representing the Liberal Party in the parliament? His colleagues all think that children shouldn’t wag school. But John thinks it’s great.

Pesutto is a b-grade ex-politician who gets about wearing a set of denim clothing pretending he is someone important in the Samuel Griffith Society, the Redmond Barry Foundation and the Oswald Snowball Lecture. Or so he imagines.

In the case of Samuel Griffith, John gave the unemployable factional hard-noser and alleged misogynist Xavier Boffa the role of secretary. Yes, even while Xavier has been charged with a criminal offence! (That probably counts as legal experience.)

John is very vinyl. Nice guy. But doesn’t suit the cutters and thrusters Matthew Guy needs to take Victoria forward.

“Do we really need a one hit wonder?” asks an avid reader from the Eastern suburbs. “I am sure Anders Axelson, Graeme Watt-Jenkins or even that Meredith Rowan… maybe… would be a better choice for Hawthorn.”

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