Peter Angelico caught in KordaMentha net

Peter Angelico caught in KordaMentha net

By: Johnny-on-the-spot – Reporting for Dingo Digger 

Peter Angelico has been caught paying for 32 Liberal Party memberships. This is the largest breach of the Party’s constitution uncovered by KordaMentha’s enquiry. 

The South Eastern factional powerbroker faced the Liberal Party’s Administrative Committee on the 4th of March. When the question was asked as to why he spent thousands of dollars paying for other people’s memberships, he responded by telling Admin members that none of those he signed up had credit cards, which is about as likely as Peter’s future political preselection prospects – more on that to come.  

Peter Angelico’s endless generosity:

Peter Angelico is part of a group of Liberals coordinated from the Mornington office of David Morris MP. This crew of under the radar operators have taken control of the Dunkley electorate conference and sustained a turf war with Federal Health Minister and member for Flinders Greg Hunt and his supporters for the past 5 years.

 Amongst their acolytes are current Administrative Committee Members Sean Armistead, Admin member and failed candidate for Nepean Russell Joseph, Dunkley Chairman, local councillor and so-called branch stacking ‘whistle blower’ Steve Holland and perennial preselection staller Regan Barry. Known as the awesome foursome they can be regularly spotted at State Assembly distributing tickets, wining and dining with Member for Mornington David Morris or begging family members to join the Liberal Party. 

This is not the first time Cowboy Pete has demonstrated a disregard for the Party’s constitution. In August 2020 Peter filled out and digitally forged new member Michelle Loielo’s Party membership form. In a now widely spread email from the Flinders Electorate Conference, Peter’s digital fingerprints are all over the PDF filling in each of the lines and signing Michelle V. Loielo. 

When uncovered the form was submitted to the Party State Director by Flinders executive members. The issue was raised with Party President Robert Clark and promptly buried by Robert Clark, Ian Quick, Sean Armistead and Russell Joseph who sit on the Party’s Administrative Committee. 

Peter Angelico has been a man of political ambition for a decade. He first ran for preselection in Isaacs and was beaten by Geoff Shaw 36 votes to 12. He went on to run in Dunkley and other contest but has never represented the party at as a candidate. 

Peter’s political problem is a historic workplace conviction in 2008. An apprentice ‘Rhys’ at Peters business lost his fingers in a metal press. After an investigation Peter was charged and convicted due to improper safety standards and practices in his business ABECK Group. He was fined $75,000 and remains on Work Safe’s radar.  

Peter’s burning desire for a federal political career has morphed into a powerbroking role, due to his generous recruitment. His protégé is newly elected local councillor Steve Holland, the young chap Peter plans to shoehorn into the safe Liberal seat of Mornington to continue the tireless and unknown work of current member David Morris. 

Alongside branch stacking Peter has worked hard developing media relationships. His go to contact is grandee investigative journalist Royce Miller from The Age. Peter does his bit to brief Royce regarding Liberal matters, and in turn has sought to recast himself as manufacturing spokesman through an organisation which he chairs SEMMA (South East Melbourne Manufacturing Alliance). 

Peter is an important part of the Clark/Quick cabal’s number crunchers. It is widely suspected that despite breaching the Party’s constitution Peter will be protected by his powerful allies on the Administrative Committee from any repercussions. For the governing faction his memberships in the South East and the Peninsula to too valuable holding together their iron grip on power inside the Liberal Party. For Cowboy Pete it pays to have friends in high places!

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