Peulich & Peulich: on the make, or on the take?

Peulich & Peulich: on the make, or on the take?

South Eastern Liberal – Reporting for Dingo Digger

Over the years sand belt Liberals loved being part of the four year Peulich putsch. Inga ropes them in, signs them up, gets them elected and more often than not promptly falls out with her new collection of councillors.

Former South Eastern upper house MP Inga Peulich and her perennially unemployed son Paul have been playing council politics…and sending out the bill!

In years past a part of the circus act was Inga’s freebie DL flyers — designed by Paul (while sober) and printed on the family bubble jet. The freebie hayride stopped when Inga lost her seat.

Mum and son went corporate.

This year for several months leading up to local government elections Inga gathered a new crop of loyal idiots. Wide eyed and bushy tailed, the bedazzled punters became electrified by the prospect of going from local zero to mayoral hero.

Inga assembled an all-star cast of mentors and campaigners. Embattled councillor Susan Serey, Paul and the firm’s principal, Inga.

The Peulich local government starter kit included mentoring, scrutineer training, pay for play printing and preference deals. According to those who have spoken with Dingo’s spies — punters attending Inga’s meetings were not aware they were being billed for the privilege. The one-on-one phone calls, stale nibbles and “professional” graphic design did not come cheap.

But this year, the Greek and Chinese DLs didn’t move the masses. Even those whispered deals for ALP preferences failed. Most of Peulich & Peulich’s candidates bombed with less than 10% of the vote. Embarrassment!

Understandably some of Inga’s new recruits complained, having envisaged themselves in mayoral robes and a salary to match. But the pain only got worse when Peulich & Peulich sent out invoices in the hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Shocked and appalled, several of the candidates got in touch with those who brought them in under the big top. Councillor Tim Dark, a former Inga ally turned independent, was grilled.

Cr Dark instructed the financially vulnerable to ignore the bill, having himself been blind-sided by the non-existent disclosure of pay for play.

But hell hath no fury like an unpaid political consultant.

Peulich & Peulich wannabee debt agency began the letters of demand and legal threats. Unsurprisingly, the prospect of Paul knocking on your front door, with Inga waiting in the car outside motivated some of the meek and mild to pay.

Others held out and sought intervention by Party President Robert Clark. Clark did nothing about his former colleague. Some in the Party surmised that Robert was unwilling to pick a fight with Inga for fear of losing her flaky support.

So what to do about Inga and the invoices?

This local Liberal thinks it’s about time Peulich & Peulich write down their losses and move on from the Liberal Party. Pull down the circus tent, pack up clowns and take the show somewhere else. There are a selection of small time political parties out there ripe to be hustled.

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