Plea to Anthony Mitchell

Plea to Anthony Mitchell


If Anthony Mitchell is a good man, why is he opening the floodgates to move the Liberal Party away from the long treasured standards of Robert Menzies?

The Victorian Liberal Party used to believe in things. Apparently now in this age of capitulation to wokeness, soft-leftism and gross self-interest, the old maxims that once made our party great are to be discarded into the rubbish bin of history.

Anthony Mitchell is enabling his factional masters’ agenda of purging the Liberal Party of its values and replacing them with new age platitudes which are neither vote winners nor hold any intrinsic virtue.

So this is what we are to become, where lefties like Holly Byrne are empowered to radically alter the party’s platform under the guise of “renewal and revitalisation”. This is surely as cynical as Ian Quick boasting that he could rewrite the Liberal Party’s constitution in one afternoon, presumably while listening to his psychedelic Pink Floyd recordings.

The old Liberal Party is being destroyed by people who seem to have no sense of the broad centre-right values we uphold.

Mr Mitchell is a decent man so it makes sense for the demented factional controllers to put him in charge of their meat-mincing operation of destroying the party’s grand old platform.

If only the hood came off from Mr Mitchell’s eyes! There are many hundreds of silent conservative-minded members of the Liberal Party who feel powerless. Yet Mr Mitchell could be their champion. He is a good man, an honourable man and a decent man.

There are some leaders in the party who claim to be champions of free speech. There are some who pretend to agree with members’ concerns, drink coffee and nod. Invariably when it comes time to make a stand, they stand for the Spring Street or the Canberra bureaucracies, not for the values of the grass roots.

We are seeing the same thing with these factional campaigns for positions within the party. Robert Clark and his band of nepotistically appointed camp followers are playing a game, crunching numbers and attempting to pervert all things to the unfeeling party machine.

Unless a champion who understands reality stands up for the people then the party will continue to be destroyed by this hideous wasting malaise of factionalism.

Mr Mitchell should bind himself with the sash of service and step forward for the people of the party, the future of the Liberal Party is in his hands.

Be brave good Mr Mitchell, and though you may think you stand alone, you do not. The members will thank you. They will support you if you judiciously and prudently acquit yourself. You may have fallen in with a rabble by chance, but you can show your mettle by choice.

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