Political warfare plumbs new depths

Political warfare plumbs new depths

The Federal Secretariat of the Liberal Party in Canberra are surprised to learn that certain leaders in the Victorian Division of the Liberal Party secretly discussed guidelines that would see only volunteers who have valid vaccination passports participate at federal election campaigning events, prepolls and polling booths.

In a private discussion with a few key supporters, it is understood that Ian Quick and Robert Clark have discussed a plan that will bar any unvaccinated people from wearing Liberal branded clothing or handing out “how to vote cards” under extrapolations based on the ongoing Victorian mandates.

A surprising source who is said to be deeply unhappy with the situation has come forward. Their information has come to RFN via a reliable intermediary.

The factional clique in Victoria discussed their plan as part of a series of steps they are undertaking as a result of their embittered relationship with the federal MPs. It is well known within party circles that Josh Frydenberg, Matthew Guy, Michael Kroger and other federal MPs are being targeted by Ian Quick over an internal feud about control within the Victorian Liberal Party.

It is believed that Mr Quick has instructed Robert Clark and Sam McQuestin to tell Federal counterparts that Victoria faces serious challenges around its campaigning readiness, which is a part of their wider unwillingness to cooperate with Federal party leaders in the deepening factional war.

The Victorian cabal has sought various means for legitimising their non-cooperation with the MPs, and anticipate that creating serious manpower and volunteer shortages for MPs and candidates in certain seats will have the designed effect of holding the federal leadership to ransom.

It is believed that Ian Quick’s plan is to starve support from key seats like La Trobe, Deakin, Kooyong and possibly Dunkley and Corangamite. They are also planning to funnel their own factional volunteers from around Melbourne to seats like Chisholm, Menzies, Higgins and maybe Casey, especially the last seat where there are higher proportions of party members who are not double vaccinated.

It is believed that while the Andrews Government may allow unvaccinated people in open air places, that a particular interpretation of the letter of the law is being pushed by Ian Quick that seeks to sabotage the federal campaign in general. These actions would have a troubling effect on the federal campaign.

In the event that more conservative members defy these orders and help in their preferred seats, it was even hinted that the Victorian factional operators would withhold as much support as they can from certain seats, and may even resort to getting the police involved in order to ensure that only double vaccinated party representatives man polling booths.

“We are terribly concerned about all the secrecy and factional backstabbing going on,” one senior party member said. “In all my life and in all our history as a great party we have never seen such extraordinarily bad and petty decisions being made by a bitter and resentful few who are more willing to cooperate with Labor it seems than keep our side in government in Canberra.”

A strong personal supporter of one of the federal MPs said, “Bring it on. The federal executive can swing the axe on these interlopers in 20 minutes.”

“I am not surprised or shocked,” said a well connected member. “I think this is one plot Ian Quick never thought would be revealed. Now that we know, he must go.”

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