Preselection update early December


Preselection update early December

Hastings done and dusted.

In the freshest around of factional preselection game playing, played out in the battlefield of Hastings, Neale Burgess, Greg Hunt and friends supported local song bird Briony Hutton against Clark faction candidate Julie Morris. The games were played right from the start with Hastings’ own factional organiser Kaye Farrow and live in brother Terry Farrow who organised the numbers for the defeated councillor. Word on the Stony Point line is Kaye and Quick hit the phones telling local factional heavies to deregister their attendance so as to drive the preselection into the arms of the eager Admin committee. The courier pigeon was a bit slow in Hastings and the required 40 members registered, despite Kaye and friends’ plotting. The ballot came down to the wire with 22 for the successful Hutton versus 20 for the local councillor. Word on the street is that a heavy truck was seen outside Illy’s cake shop ready to deliver a commiseration cake to the Farrow household.

Knives out in Brighton and Malvern.

Knives are out as future Malvern wine club president Michael O’Brien and Labor Newbury seek to fend off locals gone rogue. In Malvern local councillor Alex Lew has amassed a legion of grandmas and the disaffected. O’Brien backers are nervous, and have taken to lobbying Robert Clark to knock out Lew using the Candidate Vetting Committee. Head office spies tell party insiders that naughty tales have been spread, and as one close observer in Malvern noted, Mr O’Brien is not immune to being a subject for review himself as one juicy allegation which RFN has received describes concerning testimony about Mr O’Brien’s own behaviour. Things are a little less hot at Malvern-by-the-sea, as Brighton burghers are expected to return their local candidate, despite grave fears that he will not receive any preferences from the Hunters, Shooters and Fishers or the DLP ever. This reality may be a little disappointing for Felicity who has spent weeks receiving advice from upper house member Georgie Crozier and federal member for Goldstein Tim Wilson.

Kew ball.

In the battle for Kew, all smart money has moved to David Davis whose delegate whispering has become famously admired by factional allies and foes alike. Josh Frydenberg’s favourite Jess Wilson early playing of the gender card has seemingly backfired with a peculiar parallel being drawn by members between Jess and former MP Mary Wooldridge. It seems the members of Kew don’t like being told who to vote for by a Premier or a Treasurer. Monica Clark and Michael Sabljak are both making noise on the phones, but about 20 years late to David Davis’ party.

Keep posted.

As preselections roll on through the long yawns through December and January, rely on Real Freedom News to keep you in the loop. Upcoming battles to watch are Ashwood, Ringwood and a slew of upper house challenges.

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