Questions to the Editor

Questions to the Editor

Reader I– writes, “From my reading of The Age and The Australian, it appears there has been a small group around Michael O’Brien trying to keep him as leader pretty obviously led by Ian Quick. Your site hasn’t spoken about replacing Cindy McLeish, why’s that? Can you tell me why a seeming good man like Neil Angus has quietly supported Michael O’Brien? Where exactly does Brad Rowswell stand? Keep the news coming.”

Many of the MPs are awake to the need for re-invigoration within the Victorian Liberals. Not the kind being proposed by Holly Byrne, but real leadership and bringing back values and strength. Some of the State MPs still need to wake up, that’s true. Thank you for writing, they are some real questions. The situation is challenging.

Reader W– writes, “I had no idea about Jan Millard. She is obsessed with RFN. Are you aware she asked Robert Clark a question about it at the State Assembly Zoom session? He was pressed for time so he only waffled a little about it. On her facebook Jan also is trying to cover for their side. She made some comment about RFN on Web Warriors too. It seems like even they think Jan is nutty, would you agree?”

There are brave people who have courageously made a stand against cyber bullying and the internal shenanigans within the Liberal Party. It is sad to see some people doubling down on their own stupidity.

Reader P– writes, “I was introduced to this website just a few days ago from a fellow Liberal. What a pleasant surprise to read real articles based on facts and not just character assassinations. Congratulations to all involved. Keep up the good work. Is there a way of subscribing to this site, or do I just get in, from time to time, to check for new articles? Your response would be appreciated. [NAME REDACTED] (former member of the Party, disillusioned with the “wars” based on personalities rather than actual policy debate based on Party principles).”

RFN is widely read across the party, as well as by journalists and political junkies. The comments made are well received and readers do periodically check the latest news from time to time. Members of the Administration Committee check the website almost daily. The State Director gets paid to sit in Tasmania and read it.

Reader K– writes, “Hi Following revelations on this site regarding the operation of a secretive slush fund involving misappropriation of taxpayer funds to top up existing salaries of State Victorian Liberal MPs by a current State Upper House Liberal MP, why has this matter yet to receive substantial media coverage or referral to the police, IBAC, Ombudsman or tax office for investigation? Please provide names of current State Liberal MPs operating this scheme. Thank you.”

These very serious and concerning questions are for the authorities to grapple with. All the MPs have been forced to contribute. In the past two years the fund in question has taken a completely different direction. More probing questions need to asked.

Reader Anonymous writes, “I have a serious issue about a person named in the article on the Casey preselection.”

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