Quick seeks legal advice

Quick seeks legal advice

It has been revealed that over many months Ian Quick has sought legal advice because a website had not reported or documented properly his activities.

The Victorian Liberal Party’s Ian Quick is the leading power broker of the Robert Clark-led faction which backs flopped opposition leader Michael O’Brien.

Mr Quick and Mr Clark have discussed at length at Administrative Committee meetings their response to information circulated and published online about them.

Mr Quick was upset and personally offended because he felt that information being revealed online did not report properly his alleged activities, including his motives in pursuing certain actions and his intentions.

He has spoken with various party figures and sought legal advice on issues. Apparently, Mr Quick was upset recently because a report that he was living at the Liberal Party’s headquarters did not document properly the reasons why he was doing so, and failed to provide context around the actual reasons why he was staying there.

A highly confidential source has intimated that in fact Mr Quick’s wife had expressed deep concerns as to Mr Quick’s not staying at the family home, as he was living in the Melbourne CBD Liberal Party offices.

Sources also reveal that Ian Quick ran an exhaustive audit of the entire Liberal party membership database, sifting through lines of confidential data, checking them against AEC records and making other assessments related to data integrity, snooping on thousands of people including the families of Members of Parliament.

Mr Quick has full access to all contact details, date of births, feedback records (i.e. any information about contact with Members of Parliament), credit card numbers of membership payments, etc. going all the way back into Liberal Party history.

Bizarrely, Mr Quick did a lot of prying into party computers and data through the night for an extended period of time.

In the midst of these unprecedented and invasive actions, Mr Quick has sought legal advice on a range of issues that have been raised or published, including around reports of what he and Robert Clark have been doing at the Liberal Party’s central headquarters.

While Mr Quick has, in the past two years, spent an inordinate amount of time at the Secretariat, it is also reported that Robert Clark spends, on average, eighteen hours a week at the Secretariat labouring over writing documents, emails and other bureaucratic reports.

Robert Clark, who is said to type only with two fingers, spends hours drafting and redrafting emails, while Ian Quick, among his other many activities, does extensive editing of the minutes of meetings of the Administrative Committee.

In depth analysis of Robert Clark’s controversial update emails have shown signs indicating where editing has taken place, as well as some linguistic and grammatical ques around different discernible contributors. With known information of events plus the deep analysis, it has been possible to reconstruct a very accurate picture of Mr Quick’s writing on an iPad, and then the work of Robert Clark in editing the document (including the moving of paragraphs around) on a computer at the Secretariat, and from former staff members, the process around how the Liberal Party’s communication system works.

On multiple occasions sources have revealed that Mr Quick and Mr Clark have engaged with legal experts and with a forensic cyber security analyst regarding examining both the content and metadata of a particular website which has published material highlighting their activities.

It is well known among party members, though not officially reported by the party, that Ian Quick’s legal advice has come to dead ends, including Robert Clark’s complaints to Victoria Police. However, the party’s legal fraternity is aware that multiple legal proceedings involving past and present party members is underway.

Members of the party are right to point out that Mr Quick’s extraordinary behaviour is highly irregular. Members are becoming aware that Ian Quick has lost all perspective, including losing all sight of reality in his attempt to rewrite the Liberal Party’s constitution.

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