Quick’s Relentless stalking of Josh Frydenberg

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Quick’s relentless stalking of Josh Frydenberg

A clearer picture has been forming of Ian Quick’s cyber surveillance of the Liberal Party in recent times. Mr Quick, who is known to boast and make comments in response to accusations about him, has made private references intimating the extent of his activities.

One informant has explained that in a conversation Ian Quick privately boasted he had tracked Federal Minister Josh Frydenberg’s digital footprint and compiled a “dirt folder” which he believed could possibly dislodge Josh from the seat of Kooyong. While Ian Quick would not disclose what he allegedly found, he made reference to a number of tools he had used to gather data on Josh Frydenberg’s online activities, including things that allegedly could create considerable embarrassment for the Treasurer.

Like most of Ian Quick’s rantings, nothing has come to pass. But senior Liberals from both sides of the factional divide are very concerned by Ian Quick’s relentless online stalking.

It is understood that Mr Quick has engaged in a number of other activities, including stress testing MP’s websites, and with the help of a professional computer data analyst and vulnerabilities expert, has sought to test Liberal Party data storage systems and engaged in an activity known as data scraping.

According to an informed source, Mr Quick monitors website, online and login traffic at the Secretariat and is constantly adding to a spreadsheet of Liberal Party member’s IP addresses. Mr Quick has also planted embedded trackers into documents which are accessed by party members, including communications with Canberra.

Discrete enquires among party members have uncovered Ian Quick’s particular attentions are focussed on Josh Frydenberg.

“Ian has always dreamed of being the Member for Kooyong,” says one elder Liberal. “Josh has been doing a fantastic job as Treasurer. Ian is jealous and has fallen to petty snooping and rumour mongering which is completely beyond the pale. So where do we go from here? We need to dislodge this cancer from any position of trust or control within the party.”

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