Quick’s State Council plot exposed


Quick’s State Council plot exposed

Ian Quick has a secret plot! He wants to suspend Standing Orders at the Victorian Liberal State Council to bring in secretive, far reaching new changes.

Between 3pm and 5pm on Sunday 5 December, hidden away when members are tired and losing concentration, Ian Quick is organising to reveal a new motion from the floor.

This motion will be to ratify paying Admin Committee members a stipend to cover their expenses in their role.

This shocking move would change the positions from being fully voluntary and make them less representative of the members.

Current party headquarters insiders have shown records that Robert Clark has been claiming reimbursements for travel and other expenses in the past few years. Ian Quick wants to expand the scheme to be available for all Admin members and wants to guarantee it by a rigged vote on Sunday afternoon.

This plan would funnel thousands of much needed party dollars from campaigning into the pockets of bureaucrats in what traditionally have always been voluntary positions.

It is understood that besides the monetary incentives, according to a source close to Mr Quick, he believes that an Admin member is worth at least the same as a city councillor and the burden of expenses are greater because Victoria is wider than just a local government area.

As this story comes to light among senior members and Liberal insiders, the reaction is the same.

“Look I haven’t spoken to Josh about this yet,” said one senior insider, “but this is serious. The members wouldn’t stand for it in ordinary circumstances. Never in my time have I seen such a thing. It’s shocking. Truly shocking.”

Another top Liberal comments, “IQ is planning to raise a motion without notice at State Council which would allow Admin C’tee members to claim tens of thousands of dollars while local branch members and electorates are expected to fundraise for Quick who will live like a king.”

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