Quick’s war with the State Director

Quick’s war with the State Director

Chaos at the top of the Liberal Party. The Victorian Division has been exposed to the ugly spectacle of Ian Quick openly attacking the State Director Sam McQuestin.

Ian Quick took to social media recently telling his close supporter Jan Millard that he did not know why the State Director had not done his job as instructed and that he had failed to inform members State Council was cancelled.

It seems Mr Quick immediately took to his iPad and drafted an email to be sent to party members, which was edited by Robert Clark and sent out on his behalf a few days later.

Members are observing the growing impasse between Ian Quick and Sam McQuestin has now progressed to a full blown ugly spat.

One motive for Ian Quick’s increasing animosity is the fact that Ian Quick has desired the role of State Director for a long time prior, and does not see Sam McQuestin fulfilling the role in a way Ian Quick has imagined it should be done.

As a result of Ian Quick’s online rant, he was pelted with unhappy responses from party members who are exasperated at Ian Quick’s attitudes and behaviours. Anders Axelson, Nathan Porter and Russell Gray are just a few of the members who called out Ian Quick’s bullying and worrying behaviour on social media.

Ian Quick’s falling out with the State Director stems back to early weeks in the State Director’s employment, where Ian Quick is said to have taken up residence at the party’s head office. In a bizarre set of circumstances, Ian Quick is said to have set up a bed at head office, and has been, according to reports from staff members, watching the State Director, lingering around the office, probing into the communications of staff members, scrutinising computer drives and micromanaging staff.

One member reported that an unnamed person arrived one morning at head office to find Ian Quick towelling himself. The matter apparently was discussed with Robert Clark as Sam McQuestin had no authority to do anything about the situation.

Members have been increasingly disturbed by Ian Quick’s plans for the computer infrastructure at the head office and connectivity to a remote server. It is understood that Ian Quick has spoken at length about wiping Microsoft products from party computers due to vulnerabilities and perceived shortcomings as he has invested in a self-designed system that utilised either an Apple or Linux framework. Sources indicated that Ian Quick was pushing to provide a “propriety system” that would utilise a non-off the shelf suite of programs which was designed to enhance cyber security, data integrity and advanced packet sending encryption.

The State Director Sam McQuestin has confided on multiple occasions his frustrations with Ian Quick, including his turbulent style, unwelcome ingratiation into headquarters and his writing of communications on behalf of others. Sam McQuestin is aligned with federal party figures who have been in conflict with Ian Quick and Michael O’Brien about the upcoming federal election and related issues.

An insider reported that Ian Quick has not been seen in the Chisholm electorate as he allegedly instructed Gladys Liu to be “less Asian” leaving Robert Clark to smooth over the diplomatic waters and keep up appearances with Gladys’ campaigning activities. State Director Sam McQuestin was unhappily forced to promise Gladys Liu that Ian Quick would be kept away from her street walks and pop ups.

The latest incident online has exposed the deepening rift to party members. Members have expressed their solidarity with Sam McQuestin after he was made aware of Ian Quick’s tirade. It is understood that legal advice is being sought. A confidant and supporter of Sam McQuestin has suggested approaching the Fair Work Ombudsman as to not embroil the Liberal Party in an adverse legal quagmire.

This could not have come at a worse time. While Sam McQuestin has a very positive relationship with Robert Clark, it has been noticed that Robert Clark in recent months has been highly irritable. Robert Clark apparently had one terse conversation with the State Director when the question of Robert Clark’s being paid was raised. It is understood that several members of the Administration Committee spent months fighting Robert Clark over his attempt to have the Liberal Party pay him an honorarium.

Robert Clark and Ian Quick regularly use office space at the party’s headquarters (formerly referred to as “104”). This office space is managed by the State Director.

There has not been a conflict of this magnitude within the party since Michael Kroger confronted Damien Mantach about missing funds.

Members across the party are encouraged to express support for the State Director during this difficult process.

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