Reader response

Reader response

I dare you to publish this as a right of reply.

I attended the Knox Ranges Liberal Womxns event, and it was fab-u-laux!

I wish to congratulate Michael Obrien for coming to our side.

Unlike some haters and bigots in the Liberal party, Michael embraces trans and all the sexually diverse communities that I think you secretly are jealous of us.

What you said about Kerry White is hurtful. You have to understand that people go through messy break ups. Maybe she went around it the wrong way. But who are you to judge? You are a very little gimp.

I could easily scream bigot but I know you just don’t understand and are repressed. Your sickening stereotyping and pandering to conservatives and fundamentalists is abhorrent. If you spent your time listening to why voters like the Greens and the Reason party, instead of throwing buckets of cold water, maybe you will learn why they are succeeding.

The way you portrayed womxns clothing in such a negative, painful and divisive way was just shocking. I don’t know how you can say that. I wear what I wear as a matter of pride. But you have really ignored the real desires of the sexually diverse peoples.

Do you think winning elections will be by these old fashioned small minded values?

Commentators and reports are closely aligned, the Liberal party cannot continue to be a club for older privileged white males. Have you looked at Richmond lately?

We have got to keep our people on side, and the last thing we should be doing as Liberals is throwing up barriers and sticking labels on people.

Perhaps you haven’t noticed but seats like Prahran are important. Michael Obrien is always welcome by our people. He’s flam.

We all know that LGBTPQIAPK+ better educated than the average suburban Labor-voter. Special studies at Monash have shown this.

We don’t want right wing national extremist christians complaining about niche issues like prohibition, civil rights and abortion.

We want strong womxn from trans backgrounds to be guaranteed seats within the Liberal party. Unless we make changes for diversity and positive action to ensure we embrace difference, we are going to be stuck in the stone age and lose election after election.

At the moment womxn are minority in the Libs. We need less white privileged men and more freedom. No one wants to hear lectures from you. We think Michael Obrien is doing a fantastic slam and you are envious.

I find it disturbing that there are some who call themselves christians complaining about womxns section movement in the Liberal party while people like you live in a 1950s world.

We know all know who you are and why you are pandering to your narrow minded readers. You want to take away the vote from womxn, especially trans womxn.

Your christian views are an insult to freedom and the future of the Liberal party.

Darlings. Don’t read this trash. Just. Don’t.

In the meantime, I’m going back to my mashed potatoes.