Real interactions

Real interactions

D– writes, “Did the Liberal Party State Assembly on the State Coalition Agreement explain why the Nats, which lacks official party status with a pathetic 7 MPs, get 5 shadow ministries? If you thought the Lib MPs were dumb try meeting some of the Nats, they’re flat out using calculators to figure out 2+2. But the Libs keep them alive in state politics with the split of upper house funding. These days Matt Kean would be comfortable doing a tree-change to Hamilton and becoming a Vic Nat MP since they’re so obsessed with supporting the Paris Treaty.”

There’s a lot of concerning material and questions about the National Party in Victoria. This is the tip of the iceberg.

M– writes, “I am glad to see Cassandra Marr is supporting Matthew Guy. Who else from Admin has the guts to break factionalism and acknowledge Mr Guy?”

Good question. Old irascible Robert Clark is using Admin to run the hold out resistance to the Guy leadership.

S– writes, “Personally, while I heartily agree with a majority of views expressed, I was a little uncomfortable with one story on RFN. Let me ask, Did Bernie Finn do anything to distance himself from the violent transphobic comments being put on his facebook page?”

Bernie Finn is a whirlpool of contradictions, but did state publicly on facebook that he supports free speech.

J– writes, “So the CFMEU are against the Dictator now. Will Matthew Guy be brave enough to call an end to the lockdown? I know Michael Sukkar had to speak against violence against the police, but is the Liberal Party going to let Clive Palmer take a whole slice of votes? Why can’t we be brave and call out forced vaccinations and this entire pandemic for what it is?”

Perhaps your questions should be directed to your Liberal MPs.

W– writes, “There is information out there but call it a rumour if you want, about Karina Okotel and her connections with China. We know she was in Uganda with the UN. What exactly was going on there would surprise us, or maybe not, considering her overseas travels, lobbyist career, work with the ALP and social justice advocacy. But enough about that.

“I have asked the State Director why some Liberal Party members are being subpoenaed for court cases involving party factionalism being reported in the media but it appears he won’t answer me.”

The State Director has been in Tasmania and is probably busy with the fact that Matthew Guy has taken over the leadership.

R– writes, “Someone tried to deny that Robert Clark will bar vaccinated people from attending State Council, but a senior party figure has confirmed this to me.”

Robert Clark is in hiding at the moment. Admin members have already reported that Robert Clark said he was intending to delay State Council until 2022.

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