Realistic about China’s threats

Realistic about China’s threats

Tensions are slowly escalating between China and the West as the oppressive regime lectures the West about its right to “reunify” with Taiwan.

In response, the US government has sent diplomats to Taiwan to signal that the US is on side with the tiny island nation.

But gestures can be meaningless in the face of the very real boots of China’s military.

Taiwan took to announcing that it had a strong relationship with the US. This may be wishful thinking as China has made it clear it is preparing to move on Taiwan as well as other targets.

The US at least is doing its part to allow better cooperation between Taiwan and American officials, in line with the existing stance within official circles viewing China negatively which was the policy position under Donald Trump.

Current President Joe Biden has tried to steer a middle course with Beijing, saying that he wants to co-operate with China on common causes such as climate change.

Concerns in Washington about China under President Xi Jinping have become one of the only bipartisan issues, with Joe Biden posturing himself against the Chinese dictatorship.

In light of this ongoing series of events, and Taiwan’s new naval expansion to counter the Chinese threat, Australian politicians say that Australia must be realistic about possibility of conflict with China.

It is estimated that conflict could be a reality within five years. War with China is thought to be currently some way off, but very possible.

“We should be sober and realistic about these possibilities,” said one senator. “It’s not something that we want to entertain or encourage in any way.”

“Sometimes the Chinese Communist Party uses the threat of war with Taiwan to try and get pre-emptive concessions from the West.”

Nevertheless, the threat of war is not real unless China is serious of following through. Recent actions by China show that it has a willingness to assert itself. Australia must rouse itself to the challenge.