Responses to recent stories


Responses to recent stories

How to mess up a press conference

As a follow up to previous stories on Victorian Upper House MP Georgie Crozier, “Oh dear! (Again, no seriously) Georgie Crozier was interviewed by Channel 10 State Political reporter Simon Love regarding the (now deported) Serbian tennis player, Novak Djokovic. Nurse Ratched took umbrage at the Andrews Government and Tennis Australia stating, ‘Make no mistake this whole fiasco wouldn’t have happened if Daniel Andrews hadn’t lit the fuse.’ What? The Andrews Government does not issue visas. That is responsibility of the Commonwealth! Yeesh. Is she that utterly incompetent as Shadow Health Minister? Perhaps she should be getting anxious over the coming weeks and months. Time will tell whether Nurse Ratched survives this extraordinary brain fade.”

As one cool cat observed, they think Ms Crozier has not landed on her feet and may have run out of lives.

Living out of the electorate

An insider in the Victorian National Party says that their party has “done a good job covering up the fact that Steph Ryan prefers to live in Fitzroy rather than her electorate in Benalla, because her left-wing green views fit in better in the Fitzroy area where she is in closer proximity to many state Labor MPs, with whom she has more in common ideologically than most of the Coalition.”

Viewers would be surprised to learn that, according to this source, “Ryan did not join the Nats until shortly before the Euroa pre-selection, a safe seat gifted to her because she is the niece of former Nats federal president John Tanner. Many branch members were lobbied hard to vote for the unknown Ryan, with the promise that ‘Uncle’ John would donate a six-figure sum to finance the campaign if she were pre-selected. It is unclear from the VEC disclosures whether that donation materialised, but young Steph got her sinecure to misrepresent rural Victoria with her green left beliefs. Certainly Scott Turner and the Ripon branch members in 2014 were distressed to have no resources to help their campaign, with head office investing all their money and manpower in Euroa to support Steph Ryan’s election. Shepparton members also wonder if a small fraction of the huge spend in Euroa could have been enough to stave off the last minute successful challenge by independent Suzanna Sheed, who won by the narrowest of margins.”

Kaye Farrow keen to be seen supporting both candidates

Victorian Liberal Party member Kaye Farrow has made a statement that she wishes to distance herself from the claim that she was “working the phones with Ian Quick” and “deterring preselectors from attending” the Hastings preselection.

Ms Farrow explains that she “respected the process as both candidates were graduate[s] of the Training Program she has been involved in.”

Readers will consider how it was possible that Ms Farrow could support two candidates concurrently, but given the political reality, Ms Farrow is doing the right thing by shifting her allegiance to the winning side, thereby leaving behind any close association with Ian Quick. Ms Farrow’s desire to challenge the historical record reflects Ian Quick’s growing women problem.

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