Robert Clark continues to defy Matthew Guy

Robert Clark continues to defy Matthew Guy

Recent statements and diatribes being put out by Victoria’s ailing Liberal Party President Robert Clark have pointedly avoided acknowledging Matthew Guy’s role as Opposition Leader.

Mr Clark, who has often been described as being “unrealistic” in his assessments, is known to harbour a major grudge against Matthew Guy after what he feels was a huge let down during the last State election.

Party members from Box Hill SEC say that Mr Clark was extremely angry with Matthew Guy after no policies or announcements could be made during the last election campaign. Mr Clark has refused to take any responsibility for his own poor performance with the local communities, citing rather that the central campaign committee from that time was to blame.

Ryan Smith MP, who served on the 2018 campaign committee along side Michael Kroger and Matthew Guy in fact attempted to help Robert Clark. However Robert Clark, according to inside reports, “was stuck in 1980s thinking” and had “an aversion to digital platforms”.

Things have moved on since that time but Robert Clark still holds a grudge against Mr Guy and has doggedly refused to in any way public acknowledge, congratulate and encourage the Leader of the Opposition.

One source close to Mr Clark said that when Matthew Guy became leader, Mr Clark announced to the Administration Committee to the effect that it was “a dark day” and bemoaned “changing horses in mid stream”.

Although Mr Clark is supposed to represent the members of the Liberal Party and provide competent governance, Mr Clark’s actions and stubbornness have reflected poorly on him and invited contempt to the office he is supposed to uphold.

Robert Clark’s petty defiance has come to an impasse and cannot continue. As one senior party member said, “Remember the fable of the reed and the oak? The winds are blowing and old Clarkie doesn’t have what it takes, he needs to move on.”

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