Robert Clark dictator for life

Robert Clark dictator for life

Robert Clark is not fooling even the most naïve Victorian Liberal Party members. After delaying State Council multiple times, Robert Clark intends that there will be no State Council. In delaying the inevitable, he is playing a dangerous game by pretending to delay while secretly he and Ian Quick have decided there will be no State Council at all.

Robert Clark has pulled the most cynical undemocratic move on the party who once gave him the honour of being a public representative for.

Robert Clark and Ian Quick are power hungry propagandists. If they intended to hold a State Council in August, like they should have two years ago, they would have made preparations. But of course, it was all a ruse. They are trying to buy time for themselves and the Opposition Leader.

Many party members remember Ian Quick criticising Michael Kroger for holding Administrative Committee-run preselections. Now that there may be some real competition for some seats, like Casey and the Senate, it looks as if Ian Quick wants to run some Admin preselections just so he can use his factional numbers on Admin to get his people up.

When they needed to appeal to the goodness of the hearts of Liberal Party members, when democracy was yet a thing, then they presented themselves as the champions of democracy. But the party has been dragged to the sludge pit.

Now that their deepest hypocritical colours are revealed, party members may as well refuse to run AGMs for their electorates seeing that Robert Clark and Ian Quick refuse to follow the constitution. No doubt they are acting as if Ian Quick’s new constitution is already ratified. Party members must resist this grubby factional naked power grab.

Instead of preparing for State Council, Robert Clark has been running a protection racket for the Labor Party members and other leftists who have been recruited into the Liberal Party. More importantly to their faction, Ian Quick has been manoeuvring in the shadows, desperate to keep failed opposition leader Michael O’Brien from being booted from office.

Liberal Party members have had enough of these factional games. No fundraising. No support for the Federal election campaign. No honest interactions with the members. Ian Quick’s false accusations about party members on his personal facebook page. In one of the recordings of the Future Leaders program sessions they even said beware of what you put on social media.

Instead, Ian Quick is more busy trying to search and ransack former secretariat staff member’s hard drives in some delusional view that there is a right wing conspiracy working with computer hackers within the Liberal Party.

Many party members would like to know just what kind of communications are taking place between Ian Quick and Georgie Crozier. If the minutes of Admin meetings were ever revealed or the recordings released, members would be aghast at the factionalism, self-importance and incompetence of the current Admin “team”.

The gig is up. Robert Clark must step down. Ian Quick must be muzzled. Michael O’Brien must be booted from office. Democracy and sanity must be restored.

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