Robert Clark must go

Robert Clark must go

Loyal Liberal forces are preparing to roll failing President and former Box Hill member Robert Clark and install the legendary Liberal leader and Hawthorn Football Club supremo, Jeff Kennett.

The saga of slush-funds-for-branch-stacking still lingers on with the shocking revelations that Clark-Quick loyalists Peter Angelico and Bill Rizopoulos are breaking the Electoral Legislation Amendment law of 2018 to stack out their respective fiefdoms.

KordaMentha was not supposed to uncover that! Why are Angelico stacks dominating Steve Holland’s AGM? Things are looking red. Perhaps beleaguered State Director Sam McQuestin needs to call the police to help investigate since he doesn’t have the resources to find any satisfactory answers.

Robert Clark stepped up to the plate as State President and has provided an environment for Angelico and Rizopoulos to thrive. Clark a former barrister has lost all respect after he left the Kroger faction to now grovel under the thumb of Red Ted sycophant Ian Quick.

Robert Clark stands for nothing and he must go. The Liberal Party can win back Victoria, but Robert Clark is beyond reform.

Evidence that Peter Angelico’s stacks and Peter Angelico himself are “safe” is because they are Clark-Quick voters. Here is the ticket their faction distributed for the Frankston meeting. Note the Angelico stacks and support for Councillor Steve Holland.

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