Robert Clark plots to ban unvaccinated from State Council

Robert Clark plots to ban unvaccinated from State Council

It is understood that Robert Clark had a secret briefing on unvaccinated people attending future Victorian Liberal Party State Councils.

Apparently a high level discussion has taken place involving Victorian Liberal President Robert Clark where it has been planned to stipulate that attendees at upcoming State Councils must be vaccinated in order to attend the party gatherings.

Broad reference to this matter has also been raised at the Victorian Liberal Party’s most recent State Assembly Zoom call with 69 leading party members in attendance.

In what is being called a “diabolical plot” by leading figures in the party opposed to the Ian Quick-run factional bloc, Robert Clark and fellow conspirators have decided to put a plan into action that would force party members to produce proof that they had received the COVID-19 injections otherwise they would be barred from attending and voting at State Council.

Not only is this plan far excessive in overreach, but pits Robert Clark as head of a Big Brother bureaucracy which is willing to crush the party membership and impose an unheard of stipulation onto party members which is both unconstitutional and anti-liberty.

The secretive advice has been weaponised by Robert Clark’s factional controller Ian Quick, who has sought to use the rule as a means for decimating their opposition within the party.

While it is well known a minority of Robert Clark’s supporters are libertarian, vaccination-sceptics or harbour opinions on resistance to the current coercive measures being implemented, a portion of the party membership who are not in Ian Quick’s camp are currently unvaccinated and are awake to the reality of the situation.

“Most people will put up with Robert asking people to be vaccinated,” a self-described moderate Liberal said. “However, as soon as it becomes insisted upon, Robert will have crossed a line I think where every Libertarian, Conservative, moderate and plain label Liberal has to say ‘enough is enough’.”

“Clark is setting a very dangerous precedent,” another leading Liberal stated. “There is no doubt his inclination is to force out of the way his strong opposition within the party. He is stubborn and it is going to backfire spectacularly.”

“Not everyone has the same views on everything in the Liberal Party, but this sort of conniving and underhanded behaviour is unLiberal and unacceptable. The party has never supported apartheid, and members should not accept this thinly disguised power grab from Clark and his cronies.”

The secretive and factionally-driven motives behind this divisive plan are beginning to be discussed across the party. This news is being met with disbelief and alarm. As one respected party leader advises, members can always undertake contacting Robert Clark and Chandra Lloyd (who is organising State Council) to express their views about this situation. However, it is being noted that Robert Clark has become increasingly unwilling to take any advice nor does he dialogue with party members to listen to their views.

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