Rumble in the jungle


Rumble in the jungle

The Northern Region has become a jungle of cackling laughter and terrifying howls as old friends become new enemies.

Long time backbencher and frequent visitor at Shepparton BP servo, Wendy Lovell has been betrayed by her former colleague and Spotlight shopper Amanda Millar.

Northern ranger and former police prosecutor Sergio Petrovich has also cast his hat into the ring, but the hyena-like Amanda seems to be too strong for all contenders.

Strangely, Amanda is going around telling everyone that she is running just to help Wendy, and that she’s just there to stop the Macedon menace Sergio. But is this really the case? With half of Admin running for seats, and inner faction rivalry more complex than three dimensional Scrabble, who knows?

Is Sergio really such a threat? Or is this more about moving Wendy on and Amanda capitalising on the mood for change and her own ambitions.

The ultra factional fight is sure to open up the northern corridor, but will Amanda be an ally for Matthew Guy should she win?

It is about time for some new blood, with long term party servant and well regarded leader, Amanda Millar really having all the qualifications that party members want.

She is right to ignore “Daddy” David Davis as he implores her to step down. Who does he think he is? A man telling a woman what to do.

Meanwhile, Wendy has not held any notable shadow ministry, has many unconstitutional SECs and has done more to depopulate the party than even Scott Ryan himself!

Knowledgeable members are not sure whether Wendy could pick up a job in a child care centre after being pushed out of politics, but members are sure they will miss those endearing Christmas cards which she purchases in bulk at the bargain shop every year.

The battle for the third spot will be equally thrilling, with Brad Hearn joining the jungle rumble, leaving poor Wendy betrayed and broken.

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