Russell Joseph accused of bullying

Russell Joseph accused of bullying

Russell Joseph enjoys the status of being Ian Quick’s deputy on the Victorian Liberal Party’s deeply divided Administrative Committee. Russell Joseph has also been identified as a supporter of branch stacking progressives, Greens and left wingers into the party, and has been involved in deliberately stopping non-factional or normal members of the public from joining the party.

Historic complaints were made to the Liberal Party’s headquarters by members. Documents and information from members in 2016 and 2017 complain of or allege that Mr Joseph was involved in bullying behaviour against women in separate series of incidents. The documentation from at least two complainants are known to exist, along with corroborating information from other witnesses or those involved.

To date, all known complainants are known to be unanswered and probably have not been investigated. Both female complainants have since left the party.

One complaint involves Mr Joseph physically intimidating a female party member. Another complaint involves Mr Joseph phoning and contacting another party member in 2017. Records exist of the contact. The alleged bullying was accompanied by other behaviour which led to a small group of members involved in supporting the reporting of complaints at that time.

Russell Joseph harboured great hopes at becoming the next member for Nepean in 2018. In 2017 he was using his Liberal Party email address for party matters. Mr Joseph also served on the Agenda Committee at that time. Mr Joseph worked as an electorate officer for the then member for Nepean.

Mr Joseph, though seemingly an odd man out at the time, nevertheless was privy to factional activities, including discussions by factional Shadow Ministers who were secretly attempting to undermine Matthew Guy and more particularly the Michael Kroger-led Administrative Committee.

Mr Joseph has always sought power and it is evident that he was deeply upset at not winning the seat of Nepean. However, the existence of unresolved complaints against Mr Joseph indicates a troubling culture that Mr Joseph has participated in, which seeks to prop up the ailing Robert Clark and the bureaucratic factional machine which carries out Ian Quick’s far reaching and totalitarian goals of dominating the State Liberal Party.

As far as can be uncovered, Mr Joseph has never been investigated at all in relation to these disturbing alleged events. This is typical of the current regime, which so desperately seeks to hold to raw power despite the good or benefit of the members. The cold and heartless approach by this current administration to ignore, bury and even persecute complainants is very concerning. Mr Joseph himself is part of the problem as he has a key role on the current Admin Committee and is seeking to retain and gain power.

It is only fair if Mr Joseph be investigated properly and impartially.

So far, Mr Joseph has had the luxury of being unknown to much of the wider party base. Members typically consider normal, engaged and people-focussed candidates to be suitable representatives. However, with the multiple controversies that currently hang over Mr Joseph’s head, it would only be right if these matters were investigated and issues resolved.

Mr Joseph is the leading protagonist on the current dysfunctional Administrative Committee and needs to be held to account. Unfortunately for party members this is unlikely to occur because the real string pullers Georgie Crozier and Frank Greenstein are protecting Mr Joseph from the shadows.

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