Sam Groth for Nepean


Sam Groth for Nepean

Sam Groth, tennis superstar, rising media personality and good-looker, is right on the money with his comments on ongoing controversies surrounding the Djokovic COVID-visa saga.

Showing real political acumen, Sam Groth is a standout, publishing a thoughtful opinion piece in the Herald Sun. In Sam Groth’s fantastic article he highlights the issues around the shocking medical exemption decision for Novak Djokovic.

Liberal Party members throughout Victoria are impressed, with members excited by the prospects of inviting and backing Groth to run for the State seat of Nepean.

Sam Groth has the record of the world’s fastest serve, and is a tennis player partner to none other than Josh Frydenberg. With backing from Matthew Guy, Peter Rawlings, locals and party members generally, it is obvious that Mr Groth is the right choice to contest the seat of Nepean and take it back from Labor.

Even former Nepean candidate Russell Joseph is struggling to get any traction as Sam Groth outshines on personal appearance, media coverage and local recognition in the electorate.

The incumbent Labor candidate Chris Brayne is predicted to lose the next election, which makes it imperative that the party put efforts into supporting Mr Groth’s entrance into Parliament.

Mr Groth has the potential to become a future party leader, even one day premier of Victoria. Groth is a winner. He knows how to deal with the media and he has the temperament and skill set that will bring him far in State politics.

Key members are calling on the party to unite behind Sam Groth and help get the State under control again. Groth is a champion, both on the tennis court and in the court of public opinion.

Sam Groth is being prevailed upon by members to take on Nepean.

“Our party needs to move forward and serve it up to Labor,” one highly placed Liberal said. “Sam Groth is the right person for our time.”