Scots Hall burning

Scots Hall burning

Robert Clark and Ian Quick presided over the downright ugliest meeting ever held within Victorian Liberal Party history. The four and a half hour marathon session of State Assembly was filled with personal attacks, confrontational behaviour, name calling and emotional outbursts.

Reports from in the meeting state that Robert Clark was so angry that his face seemed to be cracking. This is not what Victorian Liberals or Conservatives in general would expect in the formerly respectable Liberal Party.

Robert Clark displayed the spiteful vengeful belligerence of Captain Ahab in his desire to kick people out of the party on trumped up charges in line with his embittered factional agenda.

The controversial meeting was chaired by Ian Quick, who facilitated the ugliest factional pile on the party has ever seen, allowing Robert Clark to smear and slander volunteer party members even after they had been exonerated by democratic votes.

Thankfully, Senator James Paterson and Richard Riordan MP were present to vote against the motions for booting out members. Richard Riordan MP, a strong supporter of Brad Battin MP, was visibly frustrated with proceedings. Senator James Paterson took to the podium and chastised the Admin Committee saying that the meeting should not be doing this.

Sadly, Michael O’Brien’s cronies, Wendy Lovell MP and David Morris MP were on hand to support Ian Quick. State upper house member Bernie Finn enjoyed embarrassing himself on multiple occasions shouting insults while others were speaking.

State director Sam McQuestin should be praised for his even handed approach during the evening, not wishing to tie himself to the destructive factional agenda. Sam also promised an increase in casual staff to help campaigning which was welcomed by Young Liberals present at the meeting.

The Victorian Liberal Party is now in serious trouble, with the meeting of State Assembly punctuated from start to finish with personal attacks, name calling and heated outbursts.

Robert Clark locked himself into the self destructive mode of using his office for petty factional squabbles rather than presiding over the party. He must have been devastated that his three prosecutions failed much like his last election campaign in Box Hill.

Dozens of party members confided in each other afterwards that the horrible divisions mean that winning the State election is impossible and the temperature in the room showed how divided the party now is.

As one person said, “Scots Hall is burning up while Robert Clark plays second fiddle to Ian Quick.”

The problem is that State Assembly has been stacked by Quick’s faction for the past few years, including Karina Okotel’s recruits. Bill Rizopolous was seen hovering near the entry way to the hall while Anthony Mitchell was given VIP treatment by Ian Quick before the meeting began.

If Robert Clark is stupid enough to actually believe his own lines, then his self delusion would be reason for calling a vote of no confidence in his mental capacity to continue in his role. He should have never taken on the role in the first place, but somewhere along the way his ego has blinded him to reason.

Ian Quick displays rampant factionalism in public. He forced La Trobe to re-hold its AGM so that he could get one candidate he wanted elected, while the meeting in Casey, which had the same issue with La Trobe, was allowed not to re-run because Ian Quick liked the results of that meeting.

This blatantly partisan behaviour has hypocrisy written all over it.

Robert Clark is responsible for aiding and abetting the horrendous behaviour that would be off putting to anyone wanting to join the party. Robert Clark’s tenure is one of failure.

Meeting attendees agreed on the stairs afterward it was the worst meeting they have ever attended and the outcome was political defeat for Ian Quick’s faction.

In future years people will remember the time of chaos and recollect the Nasty Faction for what it was.

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