Senate nominations open

Senate nominations open

War drums are beating as nominations have opened for the Casual Vacancy in the Senate as left by the departure of the worn out Victorian Senator Scott Ryan.

Uncertainty abounds as numerous hopefuls entertain the possibilities, scrambling to put together their nominations and scraping together the steep mountain of cash Robert Clark so desperately needs after running the Liberal Party in Victoria to the ground.

One would think the normal succession would fall to Sarah Henderson rising on the ticket order, but according to sources, Robert Clark’s cronies have a different plan in mind. Senator Henderson can expect to be challenged by allies of Robert Clark who are seeking to undermine Josh Frydenberg and the federal team.

Apparently an array of other likely and unlikely contenders are also entering the mix, including Kyle Hoppitt, Grant Hutchinson, Roshena Campbell, Irene Ling, Simon Breheny, Greg Mirabella, Anthony Mitchell, Simon Frost, Owen Guest, Emanuele Cicchiello and Jan Millard fan boy Ben Reeson.

Getting onto the ticket down the bottom is still a boon for anyone as it doubtless paves the way for future opportunities.

According to a senior Liberal, Robert Clark’s Admin Committee are planning to hold the preselection as quickly and as centrally as they possibly can. This means effectively freezing out the usual nominations for delegates through FECs around Victoria, and running a tightly controlled preselection that will have a pre-orchestrated outcome. These anti-democratic measures from Big Brother Robert Clark are really not surprising.

Arch hypocrite Ian Quick said that he did not support Admin preselections when Michael Kroger was president, but now that Ian Quick has been making a hash of the party, he is all in favour of terminating democracy and centralised control.

A lot of politicking has been afoot with Roshena Campbell who wants to be the member for everywhere. If Casey doesn’t work out, the Senate just might be the treat for her. After all, indications are that June Hume is overtly encouraging Roshena to transition from Casey to run for the number one spot.

Jane’s pleasant demeanour and slightly chaotic Sky News manner hide the rise of her as a new factional operator trying to build a federal empire of allies from Dunkley to Goldstein.

James Paterson is coolly watching the numbers too. Never one to be caught unawares, and providing lukewarm soundings to former close allies, James Paterson is keeping his powder dry.

Rumours abound around potential party Vice President Anthony Mitchell. Word is that Anthony will nominate for the right, as the middle aged, middle management consultant is thoughtful and well thought of.

Emanuele Cicchiello, former candidate for the Eastern Metropolitan Region, has emerged as a real contender for a number two or number three position. Alleged petty criminal in his youth, Mr Cicchiello is a respected school vice principal and former Knox mayor who is seeking support for a place in the Senate.

Emanuele describes himself as a bad singer who enjoys reading a few paragraphs from motivational writer Colin Urquhart after a good meal. It is said by some that he is well networked in Liberal circles and the Melbourne mafia.

Loyal Josh Frydenberg acolyte Simon Frost is expected to be the front runner, who is seeking loyal support from across the party, as well as relying on the patronage of the Treasurer. Simon will be relying on name recognition as being a two times former State Director of the party.

Nominations will soon close and members are hugely interested at where things are headed.

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