Serious questions need to be asked this State Council


Serious questions need to be asked this State Council

Moonee Ponds racecourse is now the frontline in a deep and bitter battle being waged within the Liberal Party.

In the words of Andrew Bolt, there is a crying need for conservatives to stand up and to rescue the failing Victorian Division of the Liberal Party.

Why is a factional minority of the party pushing so hard to change the party’s platform?

This motion should be rejected. Wasn’t the tried and true old platform of Menzies, Bolte, Kennett, Howard and grass roots members good enough?

Why change the platform except to open the door for woke, progressive and flip-flop policies?

According to the new platform, appeasement of China, radical climate targets and forced quotas on minorities are not only permissible, they seem inevitable!

That’s not the only question that needs to be asked. Members should stand up and demand why this Party President and his corrupt supporters are waging a vicious campaign onto good, loyal and hardworking members.

Members are having their good names destroyed at secret Admin meetings and through gossip columns like the Web Warriors facebook group.

When members like the well-meaning Diane Plim, Helen Phillips and others have their good reputations destroyed by nasty factional politics, serious questions need to be asked.

Is it now a hanging offence in the party to write an excellent letter to the Administration Committee? Has freedom of expression and freedom of the press been banned by the party?

Party members object to forcing good people out and the ejecting of hard-working party helpers from leadership positions.

Members at State Council are encouraged to stand up and express their views, while there are still members with brains and mouths.

Send a message to Admin and the party bosses. Stick it up to their factionalism.

Voting members are encouraged to put all of Ian Quick’s cronies last in every ballot.

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