Sex, Lies and Video Tapes

Sex, Lies and Video Tapes

Friend of Phil – Reporting for Dingo Digger 

Police charge Liberal player Kerri White for sharing revenge porn and related offences!

Well respected Carnegie Liberal Phil D’Ath has seen his fair share of political games. The former council candidate and business man is a long term Liberal with both feet firmly planted in the mud.

Phil’s contributions to Policy Assembly and State Council have been consistent, as has his willingness to help new members along their journey in the Liberal Party.

What happened to him in 2020 is utterly unacceptable. A family man brought to his knees by sex, lies and sexy selfies.

Let’s rewind the clock.

In 2019 Phil went through a complicated split from his wife. Subsequently he was back on the scene. Forever the gentleman, Phil was careful and considered while dating.

Having dated several woman on and off, he was a committed family man with only the best interest of his nearest and dearest at heart.

What happened next was horrible, awful, illegal and illiberal.

with John Renyard

Who is Kerri White?

with Malcolm Turnbull
with Michael O’Brien

The eastern suburbs political activist has been playing politics alongside former member for Bayswater Heidi Victoria and father of the house Kim Wells.

with Heidi Victoria and Shilpa Hegde
with Kim Wells and Jenny Mulholland

Kerri has ingratiated herself in influential circles. Having climbed the ladder as chair of the Knox Ranges Women’s Section, she is close to Mordialloc power player Heath Wilson and staffer turned powerbroker Janet Williams.

with Michael O’Brien
with Robert Clark

Kerri is an active contributor to Liberal online forums and group chats. Known for her strong opinions and cheeky gossip, the lady is a force to be reckoned with.

with Ted Baillieu
with Michael O’Brien and Shilpa Hegde

When Kerri met Phil cupid’s arrow flew, and they hung around the same facebook pages.

What should have been a match made in Liberal blue heaven soon turned into a disaster pitting lover against lover, faction against faction.

with Tim Wilson

Phil’s camp insists their man broke it off. Phil having packed his bags after things got heavy too fast, their boy needed space. Other ladies were keen on the muscled up paver, he wasn’t short of options. 

with Kim Wells and Robert Clark

Kerri’s crew say the opposite. She was the prime mover. Politically savvy, suave and sophisticated she didn’t need a halfwit failed councillor chaperoning her about.

What ever the truth it got too hot in the kitchen and the cocktail exploded! Two sides formed, and MPs had to run to avoid the fallout.

What we know is several compromising images were sent around by one party. Allegations were made, restraining orders sought and the police are investigating dick pix and fake facebook profiles.

The strident and morally incorruptible Phil D’Ath took to Facebook carefully framing events, his fans provided their support. In droves.

Meanwhile Kerri fought back. Cryptic and careful. But police eventually caught up with her and she was charged.

with a zebra

Questions linger in team Phil’s camp. Since Kerri White is the subject of a police investigation and has been charged, should she maintain her leadership roles? Now that she’s convicted, should she be permitted to retain her party membership? 

Where is the justice for Phil? What about his standing as a respected member of the local Liberal scene? Those pictures and messages won’t just magically delete themselves.

BREAKING: Alleged criminal Kerri White had a lot to say in the Dingo facebook hate group.

with John Renyard
with Phil D’Ath and Liam Sheahan

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