Shandra Cohen crashes the party

Shandra Cohen crashes the party

While storms raged across much of Victoria, Liberal Party members in Ballarat witnessed a different kind of storm.

Left-pushing IT specialist Shandra Cohen is at the centre of allegations of bullying, pushing Labor ideas into the Liberal Party and factional branch stacking.

Embattled novice Wendouree SEC Chair Shandra Cohen was recruited by Amy Johnson and Ian Quick to help drive the Liberal Party to the political left in country Victoria.

Ms Cohen has in recent years worked as an IT consultant for Daniel Andrews and has come into the Liberal Party as part of an underhanded factional push to bring left wingers into the party to bolster votes for Robert Clark’s disintegrating faction.

Ms Cohen has already made a name for herself locally by bullying longstanding members of her country electorate and now has her own executive committee moving a motion of no confidence in her for her highly inappropriate leadership and unbecoming style.

Shandra has been described by one party member from near Ballarat as an angry middle aged feminist.

Party members were already doubtful about Shandra Cohen’s credentials in recent months, but all was confirmed when she sent out documentation to members demanding that they adhere to the “welcome to country” statement as espoused by the Labor Party and The Greens, and that the local party should be transformed into a host of sub-committees dealing with diverse social justice and specialty issues.

Ms Cohen’s intention to use the ALP’s bureaucratic model to run her SEC was met with disbelief by party members, who questioned Ms Cohen’s motives and witnessed first hand her anger as she shouted at and humiliated elderly party members.

In a disgraceful meeting on Zoom, Shandra Cohen openly mocked Liberal values, disrespected those present in the call and antagonised local party figures to a breaking point where even local older ladies in that SEC expressed their disgust at Ms Cohen’s boorish thuggery.

After a gruelling and frenetic meeting which broke all protocols, including releasing a misleading agenda for the meeting, Ms Cohen abruptly pulled the plug on the Zoom call in a fit of rage leaving staggered members starring at their computer desktops.

When someone mentioned the name of respected party elder, Norma Wells, Ms Cohen visibly grimaced. She also insensitively told another member that he was “not qualified” to sit on one of her sub-committees. When a member from the Soldiers Hill Branch said that Ms Cohen’s plan would be “death by committee”, Ms Cohen coldly retorted that her plans were only in draft format and she would run everything herself if need be.

“The meeting was recorded,” said a member who attended. “To be fair, even Robert Clark would be embarrassed to watch the recording. It was a shambles. We are not going to win any elections like this.”

“It was highly irregular to say the least,” said another respected party elder. “When one does not even make the effort to learn people’s names properly … you would have a pretty good idea what sort of person we now have to deal with.”

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