Spot the difference


Spot the difference

Anthony Mitchell is serious about doing something about healing the breaches in the Victorian Liberal Party.

Unlike yesterday’s men, Ian Quick and Robert Clark, Anthony Mitchell is seeking to bring together the sensible moderate conservatives, small government and low tax libertarians and the socially conservative right.

On the other side of the aisle is the tribal, vicious and petty Christian Martinu wants to wallow in toxic waste. Christian Martinu wants to antagonise and further divide the Victorian Division. No one hears him saying, “Let’s get behind James Newbury, Chris Crewther, Michael Sukkar and Peter Dutton.” Instead, he addresses party members provocatively, calling many members “blind” to their face, doling out other personal attacks and saying untrue things behind people’s backs.

Christian Martinu is a hater. Hypocritically, he denies that Ian Quick and Sean Armistead supporters are following voting tickets. Hypocritically, he wants all party members to abandon democracy and become dictator Clark sycophants. Hypocritically, he wants to make his nastiness the norm.

Anthony Mitchell has set the example. He is wanting to be a thoughtful, inclusive and values-based leader. He wants to weigh things on their merits, not on some petty personal agenda.

Members of all sides of the party welcome Anthony Mitchell’s call to bring together the blue team.

If Anthony Mitchell is able to put Ian Quick back into his place, and move the party on from the erratic leadership, madness, incompetence, centralisation and bureaucracy of the Hate Faction and their puppet president Clark, he will deserve a high place within the party.

It is hearting to see that some Liberals responded positively to Anthony Mitchell’s call for seeking to work together. But with entrenched haters like Christian Martinu, David Everist, Sali Miftari and others, things may not change easily and a few examples will have to be made.

It was refreshing to see Anthony Mitchell confront Michael Rixon on repeating Hate Faction propaganda. It is about time that those who seem intent on rejecting the Liberal Party values and focussing on their own petty egos were put into their place. Who better to begin to readjust the current paradigm than someone brave, sincere and respected like Anthony Mitchell.

Anthony Mitchell must reject the evil plan to tear apart the Liberal Party’s constitution and the values upon which the party was constructed. Anthony Mitchell has already built bridges between himself and other key players in the blue army, which is something anyone who cares about right and wrong should welcome.

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