Teal independents attack moderate MPs


Teal independents attack moderate MPs

Everyone knows there is a band of Liberals who are not really Liberals. David Sharma in Wentworth or Tim Wilson in Goldstein are but a few of this “dark hand” variety.

There has been much toing and froing in the electorate of Goldstein as centrist independent candidate Zoe Daniel lines up to take Tim Wilson’s throne.

Goldstein Liberals are in a flap as Sportsbet puts Daniel and Wilson neck-and-neck at $1.83 each.

The Goldstein Liberals have called every octogenarian to the palisade walls as they stare down environmentalists and majority of the screeching centre-left media who are softly reporting on their former colleague and mate Zoe Daniel.

Years of Tim Wilson’s media brown-nosing to leftist forces seems to be now in vain as the media set out to support a less left wing woman over Tim Wilson.

The cultural and social mediators draw their swords against the embattled Goldstein member, who struggles to campaign, perhaps much like how he struggles to do up his fly in the prayer room.

As Zoe’s advertising and signage have appeared in every street, Tim Wilson has now turned to the extreme.

In a fit of desperation, Wilson has turned to alleged violent offender John Moncrieff for help. Tim now has a sign up at “Don” Moncrieff’s “place of business” in Sandringham.

Security boss John Moncrieff has been investigated by VicPol for victimising women and has various alleged connections to the underworld and union bullies.

Donations to Tim Wilson by Moncrieff have also raised eyebrows at 257 (Liberal HQ).

Besides this, Tim Wilson cannot shake himself from the sensational claims on Twitter regarding his prayer room antics either.

Silly Tim also lost a legal battle to remove Zoe Daniel’s signage, even though Wilson tried to manipulate local councillors for a favourable outcome.

Recently Tim Wilson attended an environmental forum where locals could see their MP was feeling the heat as he snapped back at questioners, while the graceful Zoe Daniel “stole the room” according to an attendee.

The real question in Goldstein is whether the independents will poll above the ALP. If this is the case, there is a high likelihood that this will be one of the “gone-with-the-whim” electorates. Add to this the fact that these sorts of Liberals are being denied preferences by right wing minor parties and are being targetted by conservative lobby groups.

When Tim is blown off, the question will then be asked, “Who will be the next Liberal Rhett Butler?”

What a time to be a modern liberal.

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