Teal spies planted in Liberal Party


Teal spies planted in Liberal Party

The Teals are a serious threat that will be facing the Victorian Liberal Party for the foreseeable future. It appears that the Teals are now obtaining top secret, confidential information by planting undercover spies within the Liberal Party.

Georgia Barker, formerly Head of Youth 4 Mon (Monique Ryan’s Youth Engagement division) is now working in Liberal HQ in a senior role.

Labor offered her a salary of $60,000 for three months which Sam McQuestin was obviously willing to top.

Even more frightening is the fact that she is being appointed to the Liberal Party’s Tactics Committee, a top secret team which determines the key strategy and tactics of the Election Campaign.

David Southwick’s new right hand man is Will Murphy, one of the key leaders of Oliver Yates campaign. He was recently given a pay rise and promotion by the Deputy Leader.

The Teals are likely rubbing their hands with glee. It appears that they now have undercover moles, able to feed them too secret information and undermine Matthew Guy’s hopes of election victory.

With the VEC breathing down Sam McQuestin’s neck over fundraising methods and questions being raised over David Southwick’s links to Charidy, damaging information is bound to appear in The Age courtesy of the Teals.

How long will it be before another Teal appears on 60 Minutes complaining about men in the Liberal Party?

Surrendering to the Teals is turning the Victorian Liberals into Western Australian and South Australian Liberals.

‘If a Teal can work for the Liberal Party after all they’ve done, then either they don’t have any convictions or money is more important than climate change,’ a senior member said.

‘Reading Napthine, Wilson and friends being quoted in The Age, it appears we already had Teals in our Party,’ another member commented.

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