Tears of regret, or a tactical victimhood?

Tears of regret, or tactical victimhood?

Teacher From The Bleacher – Reporting for Dingo Digger

Clark/Quick faction lead Ian Quick has taken to his favourite Facebook page Web Warriors to attack AFR journalist Aaron Patrick.

If you missed it: https://www.afr.com/politics/victorian-liberal-president-prepared-to-stand-aside-for-kennett-20210317-p57bh3

Patrick’s story promotes heavy weight Liberal Jeff Kennett’s potential nomination as state president, while quietly signalling Robert Clark’s willingness to peacefully stand aside.

While Clark’s parliamentary backer will argue Robert is doing this to keep the Party together, folks on Spring Street know it’s all about preserving Michael O’Brien from another spill, and Robbie from a public drubbing.

The faction’s number one player Quick is starting to worry he won’t get the soft landing O’Brien and Clark are engineering for themselves. He knows the tide is rising and the sharks circling. At war in his home electorate of Kooyong, he has a shortening list of allies he can trust and is now under siege by Victoria’s most successful living Liberal.

Quick’s main contention is journalists receiving apparently biased information from members of the Liberal Party.

Roll back the clock to 2018 and the boot was on the other foot. Check out Quick’s contributions to Patrick. At the time Quick was working to tear down enigmatic Liberal leader Matthew Guy and popular State President Michael Kroger.

March: in the lead up to State Council: https://www.afr.com/politics/vic-liberals-being-ripped-apart-by-faction-fight-20180320-h0xq6s

November: immediately after the election: https://www.afr.com/politics/victorian-liberals-rip-into-each-other-over-loss-20181126-h18cep

Quick bleating about damage to the Liberal “brand” is claptrap. Quick has never cared about the Liberal Party, it’s just an organisation with a low enough bar to admit him entry. As we learned last week from the Concerned Liberals, even Anthony “Sleepy” Snell saw through this two bit number cruncher.

Hurry up and walk the plank Quick, the sharks are getting hungry!

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