The China virus

In 2020 political agitation in Hong Kong was reaching a peak. What would China do to stop this? Would the CCP go so far as to deliberately release a manufactured virus to disrupt both Hong Kong as well as the West?

An assessment on the philosophy of China’s rulers show a few penitent facts. First, Communists don’t care about people just power. And the Chinese communist rulers delight in lies, subterfuge and cover ups. For example they claim that the US military is responsible for the spread of this virus worldwide!

The Chinese Communist government has a lot to answer for in how it has handled the coronavirus. If you are wanting to lay blame somewhere, the first place is with the Chinese leadership. They have inflicted untold damage, disease and destruction on the rest of the world.

Second, to identify COVID-19 as having originated in China is not racist, but a fact. Left wingers in the West and the Chinese government claim racism and xenophobia. But it is a fact that the virus originated in China. Facts are facts, and everyone in the West really knows where COVID-19 came from. To call it “Chinese” is simply making a statement of fact in terms of the point of origin.

And epidemiology (the branch of medicine which deals with the incidence, distribution, and possible control of diseases and other factors relating to health) is of course very interested in where a disease has first broken out. Such knowledge is crucial as we seek to contain the spread of a disease.

Are there some Westerners out there who are racist, anti-Asian, or anti-Chinese? Perhaps a very small minority of people. But if we are looking for lies, social problems and evil, just look at the Chinese government.

The Chinese government is chiefly responsible for the explosion of this pandemic. The bio-lab in Wuhan is famed for its research and manipulation of SARS and other viruses.

Early on, the Communists destroyed samples and suppressed vital information that could have helped mitigate the damage of this new strain of coronavirus. The government also silenced doctors who warned about the disease. Some were censured for “spreading rumours” or sharing test results with colleagues, and some were forced to write self-critical public “admissions of guilt” that their actions had “had a negative impact.” The Chinese Communists probably let five million people leave Wuhan without screening, according to Western media reports.

The Chinese Communists, like all Communists, hide their societal problems. There is no crime, disease, or addiction in the collectivist state. This kind of secrecy and dishonesty can be disastrous, especially in a highly interconnected world.

China and the morally corrupt UN wants us to believe that pandemics are inevitable. The world elites have a vested interest in all this, as do big pharmaceutical companies. We have been forced us to outsource the production of essential medical supplies to China like face masks. The elites and big pharma did that on purpose. We need to move essential manufacturing back to Australia and the West. We need to start treating China like the dangerous Cold War-level adversary it has clearly become. Especially because there are questions about whether the “escape” of the virus was planned and deliberate. And the Left takes China’s side, perpetuating the myth about bats and wet markets.

Let’s not forget what China is doing by force in Hong Kong. What they have done to millions of their own Muslim minorities. What they do with the social credit system. How they prop up North Korea. Their aggression in the South China Sea. Their insidious Belt and Road Initiative. And their hatred of Western values.

China is now seen as more of a threat than a trading partner, and will never again have the same economic and political relationship with the West. Its hegemonic aspirations are now over, and it will likely return to being a non-expansive regional power.

Don’t forget that the Wuhan virus was deliberately weaponised by the Chinese government. ; what’s bad enough is that Beijing deliberately concealed the outbreak for as long as it did and has been dissembling ever since.

The coronavirus has also put the spotlight on the CCP’s massive inroads and influences into the West. In Australia, they have penetrated universities and had agents masquerading as students who were actually officers in the People’s Liberation Army.

Dependence on China for, among other things, prescription drugs and medical devices, is now a thing of the past, especially after a Chinese threat to withhold life-saving pharmaceuticals.

Globalism is on the way out. The Wuhan virus means the end of cheap “made in China” products and gives a tremendous opportunity to India, Bangladesh and Vietnam.

In short, the virus is a symbol of the ideology of the Left, an ideology which is carried out through the CCP in China and which permeates the ineffective UN (e.g. WHO). Communism may have mutated but the virus is real and terrible, and it was deliberately released. That’s how they got rid of President Trump. That’s why they are able to trash Margaret Court. And that’s why a healthy “Australia first” view is hated. So many sick people.