The end of civilization?


The end of civilization?

The culture wars, progressive versus conservative battle and future of man/ape/alien-kind is being decided in the Western Metro.

At last Bernie Finn has joined Thomas the Tank Engine in another, far away and duller place, leaving a small hole that a whole army of Liberals want to fill.

Leftwing favourite and David Davis underling Jenny Matic has been promoted as a token female candidate. Mark Briers, a Red Ted aficionado, is however hoping to peel off votes for himself. He has the powerful endorsement of factional heavyweights across the party. Then add in Frank Greenstein bootlicker Ben Reeson, and the climate really is changing!

Respected councillor and multicultural supremo Golam Haque is humbly providing backup, knowing he might end up with the unwinnable, yet virtuous third position.

Right wing wondermum and confidant of Bernie Finn, Moira Deeming, whose shattered political career is now riding on an all in gamble has entered the fray hoping to cancel Roe v Wade, Daniel Andrews and any Liberal position to the left of Tim Smith.

New man, Trung Luu, is probably not well known enough to make a real difference, whereas support for businessman Dinesh Gourisetty can be found in all corners of the electorate.

Everyone at the upcoming preselection will know who the real contender is. In the end, a popular and well connected person is a solid choice.

Let’s just hope lovebirds Chandra and Sam don’t stuff it up any worse than they’ve already done.

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