The EXCLUSIVE you must read: The biggest scandal in Victorian Parliament

The EXCLUSIVE you must read: The biggest scandal in Victorian Parliament


Forget “Red Shirts” and Somyurek. The single biggest rort is currently happening without any media scrutiny. To all current Victorian Liberal Party members, supporters, volunteers and MPs, this article will be the most important RFN exclusive to date.

New information has since come to light in relation to potential criminal activities and serious misconduct involving the operation of two illegal slush funds by Victorian Upper House MP Georgie Crozier.

In recent days, Victorian Liberal MPs, namely David Davis, veteran Upper House MP for Southern Metropolitan Region and David Southwick, Member for Caulfield, are demanding police reopen a new line of inquiry into the now infamous Red Shirts rort following explosive testimony at IBAC from now disgraced former Labor MP Adem Somyurek.

To recap:  The Andrews Government won the 2014 State election by tossing out the lifeless Baillieu–Napthine Liberal Government (an opportunity missed in accomplishing bigger things) after a single term.

In September 2015, revelations emerged about the misappropriation of taxpayer funds to help fund the election. Subsequent battles between the Supreme Court and Ombudsman would eventually prove futile; a damning report released to the Victorian public on 21 March, 2018, found 21 current and former MPs rorted $388,000.

Police reopened their investigation into the matter in July. Despite this, the Andrews Government was returned to office in November.

Come February 2019, 16 MPs were exonerated, leading to the culmination of no charges in October later that year.

While $388,000 (and whatever amount Somyurek and company ended up with) might seem a fair chunk from the public purse, unknown to many in the Andrews Government, the biggest rort was occurring at the same time (and remains ongoing) involving Victorian Liberal MP Georgie Crozier.

The evidence is unequivocal. More than $1 million in taxpayer funds ranging from both electorate office allowances and parliamentary salaries has been embezzled and misappropriated into two slush funds, namely the Communications Fund and Diamond Fund by Ms Crozier.

Victorian Liberal MP insiders allege Ms Crozier deliberately set up both funds for her own personal benefit and to bolster her own power within the party similar to Adem Somyurek.

One MP was stunned at the amounts being siphoned, “We cannot claim the moral high ground against the Andrews Government on their scandals (e.g. Red Shirts and Somyurek). We [Victorian Liberals] are doing the exact same rort! This is a complete and utter betrayal from Ms Crozier!”

A Liberal backbencher has blown the lid off on the extensive nature of the slush fund operations and other MPs implicated, “David [Davis and Southwick] cannot just go on the nightly news outlets and papers, and in Question Time, demanding answers from crooked Labor politicians, whilst their own colleague is doing the exact same thing. They are naive to think Labor are the only ones doing this. Wrong! Ultimately, Georgie was the architect and responsible for their operations.”

Another Liberal MP was left dumbfounded by articles in the Herald Sun demanding a reopening into the Red Shirts rort.

“What on Earth? The demand for a reinvestigation into Red Shirts is nothing but a complete cop out and deflection from our own corrupt operations. Goodness if we ever get back in Spring Street as a government. No point complaining. The vicious cycle continues. I predict payback from Labor should they get bundled out from office in November 2022.”

An Upper House colleague close to Ms Crozier said her demands for Labor to receive scrutiny are hypocrisy.

“How can she demand an investigation into the Andrews Government, as terrible as they have been, when she is doing the same thing behind our backs? I tried to raise this at an internal Party meeting. She said, ‘Don’t please! We need to win in 2022.’

Liberal MPs have since confirmed Ms Crozier was behind the unauthorized leaks to the media of colleagues as a means to prevent coverage and reports of her corrupt operations.

Liberal MP 1, “She was behind those leaked recordings of Tim [Smith] Bernie [Finn]: the articles about Finn and Ryan [Smith]. Tim, before his now infamous crash, was about to drop a bomb in relation to Crozier. She retaliated by leaking the Zoom recordings and articles to The Age. People inside know this. It was her all along.”

Bernie Finn, for all his faults and outrage, privately confessed to his own colleagues about Crozier deliberately leaking malicious information about him to the media.

“Georgie is the one sniping behind my back. Once you leave the chambers of the Legislative Council, anything goes. She has been doing this to me for some time. I did not mention her on Facebook but insiders know she is an absolute disgrace!”

Liberal MP 2, “She made it clear I had no future. She hates them all [Davis, O’Brien, Guy, Southwick, etc.], she is a control freak, [a] narcissistic, sociopath. [It is] all about her and not for the Party.”

Ms Crozier routinely billed electorate offices under former Opposition Leader Michael O’Brien amounts over $8000.

Failing this, she would embezzle parliamentary salaries of her colleagues to the Communications Fund. (The current base salary is $186.973 per annum and salaries are generally higher due to additional responsibilities.)

In what one Liberal MP would describe as the “single biggest act of bastardry” and “the biggest scandal yet reported in the media”, Crozier would skim an as yet undisclosed percentage off the proceeds of parliamentary salaries from her colleagues.

Liberal MP 3, “I have bills, groceries, chores to pay. I have insufficient re-election funds available simply due to corrupt actions from a rogue colleague.”

Liberal MP 4, “She just takes the moral high ground against Labor. For what? She is doing the exact same thing Adem Somyurek is doing!”

Liberal MP 1, “Matthew Guy must do something about this rort. She has to be sacked, stood down from her current position. Or face expulsion. Timing is crucial in politics. Andrews might be in strife now. It will be terrible, if her corruption allegations get out. We would just lose. Another opportunity gone begging. 2026 cannot come soon enough.”

Furious colleagues want the whole thing blown wide open in the media, “The corruption from Ms Crozier is well known internally. Eventually, it will get out in the media, be it The Age, The Australian, Herald Sun or 60 Minutes. I reckon during 2022 it will come out. There will be furious colleagues she would have betrayed along the way. Many would absolutely love to see her gone. She is still in line for preselection, unfortunately.”

Her apprehension and unease in her electorate office has intensified in recent months. Staff noticed increased bouts of aggression, bullying, micromanagement (well known since she first entered Victorian Parliament in 2010).

“She told us not to tell anyone, even her colleagues, about the slush fund operations. There would be hell to pay. She absolutely hates scrutiny of her activities,” says a current electorate office staff member, who has chosen to remain anonymous.

Former staff noted a toxic workplace culture, “She is a bully, passive aggressive and simply enjoys taking it out on someone. She belittles you if her expectations are not met. The environment is intense and toxic.”

Recent social media posts from Ms Crozier continue to show her gripes with Red Shirts and Adem Somyurek yet she has refused so far to fully explain her direct role in being the architect behind the single biggest rort currently in Victorian Parliament.

Insiders predict Crozier will eventually get exposed for her corruption and rotten activities. The serious nature surrounding the slush fund operations warrant an immediate investigation by the Independent Broad Based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC) and the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). Criminal charges and prosecution could result from the investigation.

Additionally significant private fundraising and donation contributions up to at least November 2018 were also sources of income for the Diamond Fund. This income was not reported to the party, disclosed to the VEC or even detailed to most MPs. The alleged purpose of the Communications Fund is for campaigning, though in practice has been used to subsidise salaries, etc., while the alleged purpose for the Diamond Fund has included purchases and payments for campaign related expenses.

Georgie Crozier

Readers, MPs and staff with additional evidence in relation to the activities of Ms Crozier and both the Communication and Diamond slush fund operations are strongly encouraged Real Freedom News directly. Please remain anonymous.

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