The Finnish Line


The Finnish Line

Victorian Upper House MP and serial hypocrite Bernie Finn has taken a swipe at Matthew Guy and party members for trying to oust him, while his own attempts to throw out party members and factional hate actions have come back to bite him on the rump.

(Members may recall that Bernie Finn’s rump was illustrated by Quintin Blake in a Roald Dahl children’s book.)

Bernie Finn has turned to a Christian lobby group claiming he is being persecuted for his conservative convictions.

However, volumes of clippings, quotes and recorded accounts indicate that Bernie Finn is not the martyr he claims to be.

Bernie Finn lied in parliament before Good Friday in 2018, called a former female staffer a “rat” who stank of urine and has had questionable relationships. His current wife does not seem to share his views on social policies.

This is the man who supported harassing hard-working volunteer members of the party at State Assembly. He was willing to shout out abuse and defended Robert Clark defaming their characters and reputations. This is the man who wanted to kick out others, who hated all friends of Michael Kroger and mocked Indian members of the Party on social media.

Now that Matthew Guy has flagged that Bernie might be set for the Coode Island waste dump, suddenly Bernie does not think that people should be kicked out after all.

Hypocrisy thy name is Bernard.

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